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The Anmore Alternative News, as an on-line community voice, provides a timely alternative to traditional paper-based journals. It is the first on-line source of community news in Anmore.
The Anmore Alternative is based on the belief that a democracy should function in support of the many and not just the few. The Anmore Alternative has been created by concerned citizens to fill a perceived gap in vehicles for effective and uncensored communication in the Village.
It takes two to speak the truth - one to speak and the other to hear. (Henry David Thoreau)
The Anmore Alternative's inspiration, is local hero, newspaper woman, Margaret Lally Murray. 'Trouble in the house' Margaret Teresa Lally, that most Canadian of Canadians, was born in Windy Ridge Kansas in 1888. She went on to become a Canadian folk hero, standing up to the scallywags and scoundrels using the power of the pen - a nd "that's fer damn sure!" The Anmore Village Hall serves as a monument to this 'tough as nails' lady who went on to be honoured with the Order of Canada and a number of pages in the history books. To read more Click Here
Founding Editor: Dr. Lynn Elen Burton
An Anmore resident for over fourteen years, Dr. Burton retired from Simon Fraser University where she was a Dean, Professor, and Chair of the Humanities Dept. Prior to this she was a Dean at CSULA in Los Angeles. Dr. Burton also served in a number of capacities as an executive in the Canadian Public Service, including Senior Advisor to the National Advisory Board on Science and Technology, chaired by the Prime Minister of Canada, first ever Director of Environmental Citizenship, Environment Canada, and Director of Skills Development.
Dr. Burton has graduate degrees from two of the top universities in the world. She has a doctorate from Columbia University in New York City, and Masters degrees in Arts from Columbia and Science from the Johns Hopkins University. An accomplished researcher and much published author in her own right, Dr. Burton serves on the editorial boards of On the Horizon and Futures Research Quarterly.
Born in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Lynn Elen is a direct descendant of one of the four Fathers of Confederation, Sir Charles Tupper. She is married to her lifetime friend and local stalwart in Anmore community service, Mario Piamonte, and has two daughters and six grandchildren. Dr. Burton strongly values honesty, integrity, and standing up for what is right... "and that's for damn sure!"

Anmore Alternative Green Team

Kaitlyn MacMillan, Graham Girard, Jessi Zapton and Jay Peachy
E-news is delivered instantly, is less expensive to produce and saves not only trees, but also reduces waste and transportation pollution. Open and accessible, on-line news helps empower home bound people. E-journals are interactive and can be easily annotated, enhanced with music, photos, and film, and hyper-linked.
In the Fall of 2008 the Anmore Alternative News was started to give residents reliable information to inform their decisions on the upcoming referendum and to provide an on-line platform for regular community news in Anmore. The Village website was over a year behind at the time and the Anmore Times did not have an on-line presence until six months later. Since this time the Village of Anmore has sent close to 200 messages for timely posting and there are up-to-date agendas and reports on regular council meetings.
The Editors would like to thank all of the contributors for so quickly making the Anmore Alternative News an independent source of up-to-date community news. On September 15, 2012 the Anmore Alternative has 1713 Facebook friends, 100,636 visitors to the site and 281,799 page views. We invite all of our faithful readers to continue to follow their favourite columnists and to join in to the evolution of this tool for community conversations. Thank you for making this happen. Thank you for your submissions to the Anmore Alternative Click Here.
 In late December, 2010, the AnmoreAlternative CommunityNews was started on Facebook. Like the Anmore Alternative News website, this social networking tool quickly became a preferred source of factual up-to-date news for the people in Anmore, Tricities environmentalists, media personalities, local, provincial, and national politicians, and other interested contributors and readers.
Jessi Zapton, Green Team member
The Anmore Alternative News does not pay anyone for their services, it is run by a team of dedicated volunteers. A number of Associate Editors and columnists are now making regular contributions on both the Anmore Alternative News website and facebook page. A volunteer reporter always makes a timely, balanced, and complete report on Anmore Regular Council Meetings for  readers.    Unlike the Anmore Times which received  $3280 up-front for 2012 from the Village, plus in-kind support, and advertising money, no taxpayer money is used to to deliver the Anmore Alternative News.
The Anmore Alternative News does not have a regular print version. If you are looking for print news in Anmore, the Anmore Times comes out once a month ten times a year. The Anmore Times banner shows, "Community News since 1988".  Former Mayor Weinberg's wife, current Mayor Anderson and Councillor Tracy Green have all played key roles with the Anmore Times.
The Anmore Alternative News 'Green Team' members, KT, Jessi, and Rob once again had a hit at the 2012 Ma Murray Day 25th anniversary celebrations. They photographed participants trying on retro hats and e-mailed them via their I-phones. This is the third year that the Green Team added some no-cost fun to Ma Murray Day. Hurrah! Great job! (09-09-12)
Green Team member Graham Girard and Anmore artist Daniel Taylor with his lovely wife Ginette at the First Annual Anmore Arts in the Garden organized by Green Team member Anmore artist Jay Peachy and hosted by the Anmore Alternative News in cooperation with Tricities ArtsConnect in the gardens at Roxanne's House in August 2010.
The Anmore Alternative Green Team has an interactive public education display on Sea Lice in Salmon at Ma Murray Day in September 2010.
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and get you involved in open communication in and for the citizens of Anmore. This community source of news has been created for you. We welcome your articles and letters to the Editor. We reserve the right to edit for brevity,accuracy, clarity, or taste. The Anmore Alternative News will not knowingly print anything untrue, in bad taste, or potentially defamatory, libellous, or slanderous. Thank you for engaging in our community dialogue.

You are invited to submit letters to the editor of the Anmore Alternative by email by fax at 604-461-7745, or by using the comment card on the contact page.

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