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Anmore Green has Some Work to Do. To read the letter from Daniel P. Bings for Director, Environmental Management Act Compliance Operations Manager, Ministry of Environment
and Climate Change Strategy (05-09-18) Click Here

Warning ~ Cougar Sighting Tuesday, July 31, 2018 in the Birch Wynde and Alder Way neighborhood. If you see any form of wildlife that poses a safety risk to themselves or the please contact:
BC Conservation Call Centre/Conservation Officer Service
1 877 952 7277 (RAPP) or text #7277 (available 24/7)

Call for immediate public safety concerns concerning wildlife and the environment, for example:
  • bear or cougar sighting
  • large animals that have been injured
  • toxic dumping (Source: Village of Anmore)

1st Eagle Mountain Girl Guides - Giving Back to Community (03-07-18)
At the July 3, 2018 Anmore Regular Council Meeting, Aris Murray offered bird houses made by 1st Eagle Mountain Girl Guides under the Ranger Service project to the Village and its residents. Thank you to all for the generous offer.

Former Mayor Weinberg was in attendance.
Former Mayor Weinberg was in attendance.
June 19th Anmore Regular Council meeting.
June 19th Anmore Regular Council meeting.
Taryn Chang and Clare Heisler are the recipients of the 2018 Hal Weinberg Scholarship.
Congratulations ladies! (Source: Village of Anmore website)

In Anmore Where All of the Dogs Smile!

Delightful Strong Road Fantasy Garden (04-06-18)

Happy 64th Birthday to former long-time Anmore resident Bill Morrison (04-06-18)

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Open house for Ioco Lands connector route. (16-05-18)
To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

"Architect Peter Busby, who's now in charge of planning the new Ioco Lands development, takes in the view across Burrard Inlet from the property's waterfront. The city of Port Moody is holding an open house on May 28 to present possible routes for a connector route to the area if the development of the site proceeds".

BC Hydro Public Consultation on Metro North Transmission Project: Anmore - Just a Hollow Exercise? (10-04-18)
Six existing wooden H-frames, supporting one 230 kV line, with three taller steel monopoles supporting two 230 kV transmission lines will be installed within the existing right-of-way which was purchased for $1.00 in 1961 long before the Village of Anmore was incorporated in 1987. This line will parallel existing lines in the right of way and as shown in the photo is very close to residential housing.

At the BC Hydro Anmore Community Information Open House, June 23, 2016, Anmore residents did not oppose the upgrading of the high voltage lines through the Village, although they had concerns. Rather they asked that precaution be used and that:
  • the new transmission line be routed underground and that the existing transmission lines also be routed underground, and
  • prudently managing risk, resident concerns about the health effects of electric and magnetic fields emitted from transmission lines should come first...

But did BC Hydro listen? Ignoring the requests and concerns of Anmore residents, it appears that cost was the determining factor in the BC Hydro decision.  The Metro North Transmission Project Project Update, October 2017, indicates: "Some residents have asked why we can’t build the additional line underground through Anmore. We assessed an underground option and learned that it would cost approximately 3.5 to 4 times more to build an underground cable. It’s difficult for us to justify the significant cost increase to underground the line when there is sufficient space in an existing right-of-way for an overhead line. Further, even if the additional line was built underground, the three existing transmission lines would still remain overhead."

But what is the risk of not putting the lines underground as is the current standard in most urban residential developments - and does BC Hydro even care? The World Health Organization has indicated that there is enough evidence that Electro Magnetic Fields surrounding high voltage lines are a risk to human health and possibly cause cancer. WHO advises using the precautionary principle relative to high voltage power lines. "The principle states that in the case of serious or irreversible threats to the health of humans or the ecosystem, acknowledged scientific uncertainty should not be used as a reason to postpone preventive measures".

We ask, "Are the BC Hydro decisions to add new high voltage carrying capacity so close to residential housing in Anmore and to keep existing lines above ground, rather than underground, as is required in both Burnaby and Vancouver, either fair or prudent?" We think not. Not one BC Hydro representatives was willing to say that they would not have concerns for the health and well-being of their children if they lived in the umbrella of high voltage power lines such as these.

Further, we ask, "has BC Hydro forgotten the concerns of the Canadian Cancer Society about plans to upgrade high-voltage power lines through a residential neighbourhood in Tsawwassen, B.C. and the results of that legal action?"

Does BC Hydro Not Like Trees? (06-04-18)


On Friday, April 6, 2018, a crew from B.C. Hydro chopped down a large number of trees on private property off of Sugar Mountain Way which the supervisor claimed were a hazard. The Hydro tree cutting crew accessed the trees without permission across another private property. The supervisor said that the owners of the subject property had given the crew permission to cut down trees and brush as appropriate. More than ten trees were chopped down.  A call to Anmore CAO Juli Halliwell determined that while BC Hydro can clear trees and brush on the Hydro right-of-way, on private property there must be an approved arborist plan and Village tree-cutting permit for more than two trees.

Anmore Easter Egg Hunt
March 31, 2018

And 14" More (23-02-18)

Winter Wonderland in Anmore (19-02-18)

Belcarra Mayor Ralph Drew Compares 2018 Property Assessments in Anmore, Belcarra, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam (Source Belcarra Barnacle) Click Here

Mail is being held at main post office 820 Roderick Avenue Coquitlam, open 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

You are Cordially Invited to Socialize with Your Neighbours on the Second Sunday every Month (29-01-18) Click Here

Out with the Old! In with the New!
The Old Village Hall - the 100 year-old Ma Murray Homestead will soon be demolished although funding for restoration was almost certain. To link to the tape of Mayor McEwen and CAO Juli Kolby, Dr. Lynn Burton and Ms Trudy Schneider of the Anmore Heritage Society, Paul Gravet of Heritage BC, and Canadian Heritage officials on a half hour conference call about funding (starts at :40) Click Here. The audio tape of the conference call begins after the Legacy Grant (available only for 100 year- 125 year anniversaries) Canadian Heritage officials have indicated that they "love the proposal" for the Anmore Welcome Centre and Ma Murray Museum. However, they need a group like the Village to resubmit the same grant proposal since the Anmore Heritage Society is too new to apply and Heritage BC is provincially chartered. Canadian Heritage officials wanted only the first two pages of the 250 plus page original grant application resubmitted with a new applicant (they suggested the Village) and the budget revision up to the $500,000 requested as described in the tape.

Instead, with only two weeks to go until the final deadline for the Legacy grant, although Anmore Council had indicated that the municipality would be the applicant (in collaboration with the Anmore Heritage Society and Heritage BC)  instead voted to either build a replica or a pass through to the new Village Hall.  Council subsequently voted to demolish the 'old Village Hall' but save the stained glass window. Anmore's only 'heritage designated' building' will soon be demolished. Be sure to get your photos of the historic 'Ma Murray homestead' while you can.

Plans for the Village Centre, the demolition of Ma Murray Homestead, and the New Village Hall Click Here
Regarding the Village Centre Site Development Plan. Tuesday, January 23, 2018, with reference to the $800,000 plus reconfiguration of the Village Centre planned by Council before building the new Village Hall (last publicly stated estimate $3 1/2 million) the Anmore Garden Club hopes to create a meditation garden in the re-configured centre area.

The Village asks that the garden club attend the Village Centre Site Development Plan Open House tonight. They would like our input into the garden development. I would like to propose a small meditation garden — with benches — that honours Ma Murray, former mayors and Council and volunteers who give a lot to our village. (Source: Anmore Garden Club)

BC 2018 E Value Assessments are out. The most expensive houses in Anmore are:

ANMORE (Source Tri-city News) Click Here

2220 East Rd., $6.6 million

2300 Sunnyside Rd., $5.8 million

3053 Anmore Creek Way, $5.2 million

2610 Sunnyside Rd., $4.6 million

1450 Crystal Creek Dr., $4.6 million

3299 Black Bear Way, $4.5 million

3051 Anmore Creek Way, $4.2 million

1755 Lancaster Crt., $4.1 million

1730 Lancaster Crt., $4.1 million

172 Wollny Crt., $3.9 million

Look up BC Property Assessment Click Here

Winter Wonderland in the Village (20-12-17)

(Photo: Courtesy Frieda Robertson, Thomson Rd)

New multiplayer Sudoku game hits mobile market (11-12-17)

Anmore-based developer releases Sudoku Scramble, the first FUN multiplayer Sudoku mobile game. Multiplayer Sudoku is finally here!

Sudoku Scramble is a mobile game that combines the traditional puzzle game with multiplayer game mechanics that will have you hooked in no time. Play against people around the world, or test your Sudoku skills against Woody, a wise-cracking pencil with a knack for brain-teasers. Great for Sudoku rookies and experts alike - people just can’t stop playing!

Based on the board game of the same name, Sudoku Scramble was designed and developed by Anmore-based indie game studio 81monkeys. The four guys at 81monkeys, a humble studio
that began in a basement, all became Sudoku masters during the making of this game - and surprisingly, they’re not sick of it.

“Traditional Sudoku was never my first pick as a pastime,” admits Lead Designer Stephane Cotichini . “However, I love the competitive aspect of Sudoku Scramble! I can’t get enough of it.”

Stephane also cites the many benefits of playing Sudoku as one of his motivators for making this game - “It’s not just another mindless mobile game. Playing Sudoku boosts brain power and improves concentration.”

Along with the addictively competitive element, there are some fun features that will have you coming back for more. Collect cute sticker ‘avatars’, play against Woody in the ‘Daily Scramble’ to unlock higher difficulties, and upgrade to ‘Pass and Play’ - great for livening up any dull office holiday party!

Sudoku Scramble is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. Play it today! Click Here

Cougar on the Prowl in Anmore (04-12-17)
Warning ~ Cougar Sighting Monday, December 4 on East Road. If you see any form of wildlife that poses a safety risk to themselves or humans please contact RAPP 24 Hour Conservation Hot Line 1-877-952-7277.

A Magical Christmas Weekend in Anmore (03-12-17)

Join Anmore's Jordan Birch and the 'Now That's Ugly Society'. To link to the Tri-city News article (16-11-17) Click Here

Thank You to Anmore Manor - Haunted House from All of Us Too! (14-11-17)

"The caretakers of Anmore Manor (Ken and Lilija) would like to thank all of you who came out to support us and make our haunt such a great success.

With your help, we were able to raise $1500.00 and 625lbs of food for the SHARE SOCIETY Food Bank. .

We would like to send out a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the helping hands involved in all the scares (Dave Sandulak, Daryl Bergmann, Steve, Jody and Bill Cooke, Kyle Myer, Dave McCloskey, Greta Pauls, Joe Sebastian, Trevor Mueckel, Sarah Mueckel and Sarah Coombs).

Thank you to David Robinson and Justin Kashiwagi for the creation of our poster and sign.

Sterling MacDonald, thank you for helping with all the electrical. You saved us.

We would also like to thank our neighbours for putting up with us. We hope you all had fun."


Anmore Manor (1151 Robin Way) says Thank You!
Thank you to all the victims that came out to support us and the SHARE Society.

 A great big thank you to all our creatures (our volunteer actors), that roam throughout Anmore Manor. We could not do this without you.

 A special thanks to the many Sasamat Volunteer Firemen that have helped both as actors and with traffic control.

 Hope to see you here.

 Monday, October 30th 7pm-9:30pm
 Tuesday, October 31st 6pm-9:30pm

Anmore is a good place for renters. (29-10-17) To link to the Global article Click Here

You are Cordially Invited (16-10-17)

Almost Heaven - South Beach Buntzen! (09-10-17)

Sugar Mountain Menagerie (03-10-17)
BOB (The Big Ol' Bear) and Bambi's dad visit Sugar Mountain Way in Anmore on Tuesday, October 3 at 2:00.

Familiar Faces in the Christmas Toy Run (02-10-17)
John McEwen and his new wife Kerri Palmer Isaak

Congratulations Emily Scatchard (18-09-17)

This is Emily Scatchard who won the baking contest with her butter tarts at Ma Murray Day. She stopped by to pick up her Starbucks gift card and cup at the Village Trailer today.

Port Moody Council Celebrates Its Heritage with Restoration Plans for The Imperial Oil Company IOCO Town (17-09-17)

Great to See Port Moody Official Community Plan to Save the Heritage IOCO town. Click Here.

IOCO Days September 24, 2017

Terry Fox - The Hero's Legacy Continues in Anmore (17-09-17)

A Huge Thank You to Members of the Anmore Heritage Society for your Amazing Efforts to Try and Save the 100 Year Old Homestead of Margaret ‘Ma’ and George Murray – You are Priceless Volunteers!

Left to Right: Back Row: Trudy Schneider, Retired School Administrator; Elaine Willis, Technology/ Social media expert; Dr. Joerge Dyrkton, historian; Gaetan Royer, CityState architect/ planner.

Left to Right: Front Row: Frieda Robertson, finance and not-for-profit society expert; Fred Soofi, RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant, Heritage restoration expert; Dr. Lynn Burton, Former SFU Dean, Department Chair, and retired professor.

Missing from Photo: Lloyd Lucas, Emerald Inspections; Dan Murray, Murray grandson; Heritage BC, architect Timothy Ankenman; Interim Director, Paul Gravett

The proposal by this highly qualified group of proponents to restore the 100 year-old Murray homestead as the Anmore Welcome Centre, Newspapering Murray Museum, and gallery responded to the following Call for Expression of Interest by the Village and was accepted.

"Village of Anmore - P16-03 Relocation of Ma Murray Homestead
Heritage & Historical Services- Real Property
The Village of Anmore (Village), is requesting expressions of interest and proposals from Proponents that will retain, move and restore the original Ma Murray homestead ("Homestead"). Ideally, the Village would like the building moved off civic lands to a private landholding, but moving the home to civic lands will be considered, depending on the use, parking requirements, revenue sharing proposal, etc." July 15. 2016 deadline.

Since Council made it very clear that Anmore staff had no time for this project, this group has worked diligently and without cost to the community for well over a year to respond to Council requirements and to develop architectural, programming, business and fund raising plans for restoring the 100 year-old Murray homestead. This included securing a BC 150 $25,000 grant to inventory and catalogue Murray and early Anmore artefacts, and a likely commitment of up to $500,000 from the Canadian Heritage Legacy Fund to restore the homestead as the Anmore Welcome Centre, Newspapering Murray Museum, and gallery. Partners at Heritage BC were also applying for a matching grant of $250,000 for the project.

With a September 30th deadline for both grants looming, on September 6th when Council reconfirmed their changed scope of the project as either a replica or an entrance to a new Village Hall, the Anmore Heritage Society Directors decided not to proceed since funding was unlikely and there was no apparent role for them. This is very understandable and we thank them very much for all of their efforts, personal resources, and collaboration on our behalf to date.

Hopefully, the Village of Anmore will find the resources to restore the 100 year-old ‘designated heritage’ homestead of these very important pioneers. While Anmore is the custodian, the legacy of George and 'Ma' Murray belongs to not only British Columbia, but to all of Canada.

Photo Finish - Ma Murray Day Tractor Race (11-09-17)
The tractor race turned out to be a big attraction at the 2017 Ma Murray Day in Anmore. Machines varied from a tiny one that looked like a large toy, to a big Kuboya equipped with a snow plow. Corey Cardiff in a vintage 1953 John Deere and Laurie Moore in the Kuboya finished neck in neck. A tie - we understand that both names will be inscribed on the trophy. Well done folks! A good time was had by all.

Ma Murray Day 2017.
The opportunity to secure $327,000 to restore the Murray homestead is gone. To read the Timeline leading to this decision Click Here.

"Petition calls for underground power lines in Anmore
BC Hydro information ignores health risks, petition says" Click Here
(Source: Diane Strandberg   / Tri-City News) September 5, 2017

Congratulations to Anmore's First Couple!

School Trustee Kerri Palmer-Isaak and Mayor John McEwen had a lovely summer wedding in Spirit Park on Friday evening August 11th. It was a beautiful wedding with a piper, flower girls, beautiful brides maids and handsome groomsmen, and of course the stunning couple in a vintage convertible. We wish you a wonderful, happy life together.

Talking to the Mayor: Question Number 7.  (19-09-16) The `Murray´ House is 100 years old this year. A previous Council designated it a heritage building, it has served as the Village Hall since incorporation, and is a pivotal place for Village celebrations. At the All Candidates Meeting you stated that Anmore heritage is important but that the Village Hall was beyond repair. A Heritage BC architect has now confirmed that the original heritage building is in very good condition but the recent additions are not worth saving. We understand that all of the current Council is on-board to save this heritage home so central to our Anmore roots. How do you see this second resurrection unfolding?

MAYOR McEWEN: Our community roots are extremely important to me and all members of Anmore Council. When the Anmore Village Hall was condemned in November of 2012 because of neglect over the years, uncertainty evolved regarding next steps.

  Initially Council focused on the entire building which, other than the original homestead which served as the Council chambers, has since been determined to have little if any historical content. For example the counter area addition was a closed-in garage.

During the years that the building has been vacant, architectural, structural, and historical professionals confirmed for Council that, while most of the building is not worth saving, the original 800 sq. ft. Murray homestead is not only of major historical significance but it is also in good condition to restore. Council was thrilled with this news because now, not only could we save this building so important to our Anmore identity but it would be more economical to address. 

Currently Council is waiting for cost estimates to: severe the original Murray homestead from the existing portion, and to move and secure it until an overall plan for the Village Centre is developed. These costs will dictate the future.

As a small community, our funds are limited. We definitely need help from other levels of government, as well as community groups, to pull this off. Council will pursue every avenue to make this happen, but we need your help.

The ‘Newspapering Murray’ legacy is bigger than our little village. This heritage belongs not only to Anmore, but also to BC and Canada. So I ask residents of Anmore, please take our stewardship responsibility seriously, engage with whoever will listen, and seek the collaboration and support of others. Let's save this piece of history within our Village!

The IOCO Lands Consultations
June 1 to 30, 2017

BCG Developments (BCG) wants to hear from you!

"Over the past two years, BCG Developments (BCG) has been engaging with local government, stakeholders and residents on the early stages of planning for a proposed community in Port Moody and Anmore on the IOCO Lands. BCG, along with recognized Canadian architect Peter Busby, has reviewed input from two previous rounds community consultation held in 2015 and is currently exploring opportunities, concerns, and benefits prior to developing a sustainable master-planned proposal.

From June 1 to June 30, 2017, a third round of community consultation is taking place for the IOCO Lands. BCG Developments (BCG) wants to hear from you!"

You are invited to provide your feedback on development plans for the IOCO Lands Click Here

Time to enjoy Anmore Gardens (05-06-17)

All is Quiet at the Bella Terra Development (28-05-17)

Look Who Came for Tea on Victoria Day (22-05-17)! Click Here

IOCO Consultation Coming Up

May 17, 2017.
Over the past two years, BCG Developments (BCG) has been engaging with local government, stakeholders and residents on the early stages of planning for a proposed community in Port Moody and Anmore on the IOCO Lands. The discussion topics in this third round of consultation will reflect and build on the feedback received during the first two rounds of public consultation held in 2015.

BCG, along with recognized Canadian architect Peter Busby, has reviewed this previous input and are currently exploring opportunities, concerns, and benefits prior to developing a sustainable master-planned proposal. You’re invited to participate either online or by attending an open house and/or small group meeting to provide input on the proposed Sustainable Design Principles and potential features for this new community.

Open Houses
Drop-in, no RSVP required
Saturday, June 17, 2017
10am – 1pm

Anmore Elementary School – Gym
30 Elementary Rd.,
Anmore, BC

Get the scoop! Port Moody’s own Rocky Point Ice Cream truck will be on site for the open houses! The first 200 attendees will receive a free single scoop waffle cone.

Small Group Meetings
Small group meetings are scheduled for two hours. Due to limited space, please register to attend a small group meeting by emailing or calling 778-379-3037.

Village of Anmore
Thursday, June 15, 2017
6pm – 8pm

Anmore Elementary School – Library
30 Elementary Rd.,
Anmore, BC

Other Ways to Participate:
Read the discussion guide and provide your feedback online from June 1 – June 30, 2017 at
Submit a digital or scanned copy of the feedback form by email at
Provide a written submission by email
Provide a written submission by  mail: Attn: IOCO Lands, PO Box 18122 Heritage Mountain, Port Moody, BC V3H 0A2
Call: 778-379-3037

How Your Input Will Be Considered
Input received during this round of community consultation will be considered, along with technical and financial considerations, in the development of the plan for a master-planned community on the IOCO Lands. A consultation summary report summarizing input received will be made available online at

For more information, or to sign-up for updates, visit or email us at

If you no longer wish to receive emails, please reply with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

The IOCO Lands Team
P: 778-379-3037

Anmore tennis player wheeling his way to success. To link to the Tri-city News article (16-05-17) Click Here

Two Cougars on Sunnyside (15-05-17)
(Global TV Photo)

"An Anmore resident has reported that two cougars were spotted this afternoon in the 2500 block of Sunnyside Road. We urge you to call the RAPP line to report any sightings asap!

Please contact our local Conservation Officer below to report any incidents, sightings or conflicts.

CO Sharlene Syer
 Fraser North Zone
 Conservation Officer Service
 Ministry of Environment
RAPP line: 1-877-952-7277" (Source: Village of Anmore)

To learn more about Human-Wildlife Conflict in general, please visit:

Don Barthel (Green Party), Rick Glumac (NDP)**, and Linda Reimer (Liberal)

Port Moody-Coquitlam Election Results: The NDP scored an upset win in Port Moody-Coquitlam. Two-term Port Moody city councillor Rick Glumac** defeated the incumbent Linda Reimer by less than 1,500 votes. In 2013, Reimer won the riding from the NDP by 437 votes. (Source CBC)

"It came down to the bitter end and for the first time in 65 years, British Columbia has a minority government. The BC Greens will be the party to tip the balance of power, having taken 3 seats for the first time. The Liberals won 43 seats, one short of a majority government.The NDP won 41. It was a heated battle between the Liberals and NDP, with the decision coming down to several narrow wins. NDP candidate Ronna-Rae Leonard managed to squeak into Courtenay-Comox by 9 votes, and will require a re-count. Voter turnout for this election is estimated to have been 57 per cent. Elections BC will conduct its final count of absentee ballots May 22 to 24." (CKNW)​

Candidates Positions on Putting High Voltage Wires Underground through Anmore Like is being done through Burnaby and Vancouver
LINDA REIMER (Liberal Party) NO. In an e-mail to Dr. Urs Ribary, (Investigator, BC Children's Hospital; Professor, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University; British Columbia Leadership Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience, Simon Fraser University): "As you are also likely aware, there are a number of differing viewpoints on this issue, including... both your views and the views of those in the Anmore community who do not want the new transmission line placed underground due to the disruption it would cause and the prohibitive cost. It is my hope that the community and BC Hydro can work together to address outstanding concerns and come to a place of commonality that respects the aesthetic, health and safety, and fiscal considerations under discussion." (Linda Reimer). Editor's Note: After numerous community meetings, no Anmore residents are on record as NOT supporting putting the high voltage wires underground as stated by Ms. Reimer.

RICK GLUMAC (New Democratic Party - shown in photo talking to Dr. Urs Ribary and Mr. Mario Piamonte) YES. IF BASED ON PROPER COSTING AND INDEPENDENT ADVICE. At a May 4, 2017 'Citizens Concerned about BC Hydro plans for more High Voltage Overhead Wires through Anmore' meeting, Mr Glumac indicated that 'from my experience when people are committed, no matter how small a group, you can make change happen. If elected as your MLA, I will listen to you and Anmore Council and be your advocate with BC Hydro. There needs to be a transparent process with independent advice - not skipping the BC Utilities Commission.'

DON BARTHEL (Green Party) YES. In the Port Moody - Coquitlam BC Provincial Election Discussion Group. "Proximity to high voltage power lines is concerning to some people for health reasons when in proximity to EMF radiation".

An Amazing Man with an Amazing Woman (13-04-17)
Stuffed Rat Animal selfie with Dr. Jane Goodall today. She shared a story about how rats are being used to detect land mines in war affected areas and TB in patient diagnosis.

 For more information on her work.

 and yes we did a brief wild salmon puppet show...
 Wild Salmon Forever! (Jay Peachy)

Anmore's Favourite Trail to become Whistler's New Road (01-04-17)
 It's official, with no public consultation, the new road access to Whistler Village, has been given the green light. Public consultation was not required as this new corridor will act as an emergency route, should a dissaster occur. Skier's rejoice, it is projected, bypassing Vancouver will reduce travel times to Squamish by 47 minutes.
The new Highway 1C will undergo it's official naming next week. The choice has been narrowed down to "The Sky to Sea Highway" or "The Halvor Highway". The 1C will start near The Executive Golf Coarse, off Parkway Blvd, parallel the same route as the Buntzen powerlines and join the present forest service road at the top of Indian Arm. The Indian River Road travels north, straight to Squamish. It is estimated that two tunnels and one bridge will close the gap between Villlages. Four lanes, 2 northbound and 2 southbound will have an average speed limit of 110 km/h.
  • there will be 2 new parking areas at the top of the Halvor Lunden trail system with new trail access to viewpoints.
  •  proposed 30 forestry campsites around Cypress Lake and another 28 campsites around Lindsey Lake Loop.
  •  there is also a real possibility that there will be 11, full hookup, RV sites overlooking Eagle Ridge, the vistas would be spectacular. There are still a few snags to be ironed out as the sewage treatment plant will discharge so close to the Coquitlam drinking water Reservoir.
  •  5 wind turbines will be build over the next 9 years, with 17 more, to be completed by 2035
  • projections for construction blasting will be 12 times per day, on the hour, starting at 7 am and ending at 6 pm. Due to costruction deadlines, blasting will proceed every second Saturday until further notice.
  • on completion, the road noise would be constant nusance.... but what do I care? I'm planning to start skiing again and spend all my spare time up at Whistler, far away from the hustle and bustle of Anmore!
April Fool!

Storey By F. A. Brication, facts checked by A. L. Fony, both graduideotes of Trumpe Colledge. Published on this fine morning of April 1st, 2017

FOUND LITTLE KITTY ON SUGAR MOUNTAIN WAY. Wednesday, March 30th. Call 604-461-7744 if she is yours.

Celebrating Persian New Year (Now Ruz) in Anmore (25-03-17)
Celebration of Spring Click Here

Thank you to the Moallem family, Melissa Bambachi, all of the Persian community, the musicians, dancers, and singers for the warm welcome to Anmore residents at the Council chambers on Saturday, March 25th, 2017.  Welcoming Spring with the seven symbolic dishes was very interesting.
The symbolic dishes consist of:
1.Sabzeh or sprouts, usually wheat or lentil representing rebirth.
2.Samanu is a pudding in which common wheat sprouts are transformed and given new life as a sweet, creamy pudding and represents the ultimate sophistication of Persian cooking.
3.Seeb means apple and represents health and beauty.
4.Senjed the sweet, dry fruit of the Lotus tree, represents love. It has been said that when lotus tree is in full bloom, its fragrance and its fruit make people fall in love and become oblivious to all else.
5.Seer which is garlic in Persian, represents medicine.
6.Somaq sumac berries, represent the color of sunrise; with he appearance of the sun Good conquers Evil.
7.Serkeh or vinegar, represents age and patience.

Cougars on the Prowl in Anmore (22-03-17)
Warning | Two Cougars Sighted on Sunnyside Road at Elementary Road | March 21 (Source: Village website)

Two large cougars were spotted on March 21st (9:36 p.m.) on Sunnyside Road at Elementary Road. We urge you to call the RAPP line to report any sightings asap! Please contact our local Conservation Officer below to report any incidents, sightings or conflicts.

CO Sharlene Syer
 Fraser North Zone
 Conservation Officer Service
 Ministry of Environment
RAPP line: 1-877-952-7277

Anmore Easter Egg Hunt
Annual Easter Egg Hunt | Saturday, April 15 
The Village of Anmore is hosting its Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 15 at 2:00p.m. Please pre-register your child/children at the village hall by Monday, April 10. Full event details (including colouring contest sheet) may be viewed HERE in our recent mail drop to residents.

So really? BC Hydro claims it can do what it wants on the right-of-way over residential properties in the tiny Village of Anmore that it paid $1.00 for in 1961 before the houses were built. It is willing to put the health of our children at risk in Anmore, but are concerned about the health risks in Vancouver. Is this correct? BC Hydro, do what is right and fair. Please put the high voltage lines underground in Anmore like you are doing in Vancouver and Burnaby.

To read the Globe and Mail article : 'Anmore, B.C. residents rally against planned hydro tower' by Kerry Gold Click Here
(Published Friday, Mar. 17, 2017 4:29PM EDT)

Anmore Residents are Invited to a Persian New Year Party Click Here

Brilliant Circle Group Announces a New Architect for the Development of the IOCO Lands (07-03-17)

BCG Developments, owner of the IOCO Lands, is pleased to announce the appointment of Perkins+Will as the new architectural team for the project, led by renowned Vancouver sustainability architect Peter Busby.

BCG would like to acknowledge James Cheng’s extensive engagement with the neighbouring community and responsive early planning and design work on IOCO Lands. Cheng will continue to work with BCG on several other key projects.

Peter Busby and Perkins+Will have been engaged to move IOCO Lands forward, with respect and consideration for previous work and input. The new team brings a depth of experience, sensitivity to the community, and a commitment to sustainability that will be very important as the project moves forward in 2017 and beyond with further public engagement.

Peter Busby has been a driving force in building and community design in Metro Vancouver for over 33 years and is a recognized leader in North America on designing sustainable communities. He created the Sustainable Design Initiative, was a founder of the Canada Green Building Council and initiated the development of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in Canada. He has been widely recognized for his work in advancing sustainable design, including designation as a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and a member (C.M.) of the Order of Canada.
“We’re delighted to have an opportunity to work with BCG Developments on such a unique piece of property in such a beautiful setting. BCG and our team at Perkins+Will are committed to creating a sensitive and sustainable new community that reflects local needs and input,” said Peter Busby.

Perkins+Will specializes in planning and designing buildings, homes and communities that reflect the local context, history, cultures, communities, and the natural environment.

BCG considers the IOCO Land unique and very important for many reasons. As the owner now entrusted with this land, BCG will fully explore and understand all the opportunities, concerns, and benefits of this project to create and put forward a master-planned proposal that is truly inspiring.

In addition to the appointment of Perkins+Will, BCG Developments announced that it was adding other experienced Vancouver firms to its IOCO Lands team:

  *   Landscape architecture - PFS Studio is a leading Canadian planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm.  The firm has received major recognition through numerous planning, urban design, heritage and landscape architecture awards over the years.

  *   Public consultation and engagement - Kirk & Co., a leader in communications and consultation services, will support efforts to understand and incorporate the community’s interests and concerns, as well as to keep the community up to date on progress.

Over the past two years, BCG Developments has been engaging with local government, stakeholders and residents on the very early stages of planning for a proposed community in Port Moody and Anmore on former IOCO land, and is committed to further public and stakeholder engagement as the project evolves.

We very much appreciate you wanting to stay informed on the IOCO Lands project.

Snow Snow Go Away! (05-03-17)

February 20, 2017.

Hi there,
We live in Anmore and this dog has been wandering on our property for the past week. Her fur is severely matted. We took her to the vet and there's no microchip. No tag, no collar. We will keep her safe and fed until her owners are found.

Thank you,
Gina & Chris

Anmore residents want power lines underground Petition to Premier Christy Clark, BC Utilities Commission garners over 200 names Diane Strandberg (14-02-17) Click Here

Anmore Overview Census Results (09-02-17)
From 2011 to 2016, the Village grew from 2092 residents to 2210 residents (5.6%). There are 723 private residences. 688 are occupied. For more Click Here

Straight Talk -
Power line plan sparks fight between B.C. Hydro and residents of Anmore village Click Here

Georgia Straight -
by Carlito Pablo  on February 6th, 2017 at 2:23 PM

Snow Blankets Anmore Once Again! (05-02-17)

Local Photographer s Emily Russell and Brendin Kelly are joining long-time Anmore Alternative News photographic contributor Jim Porter on a new weekly page 'Fabulous Photos'  To read more about the new contributors please link to Buy Local and Scroll down a bit.

Thanks for the Promise Phillippines!
Heavy rainfall from moisture-rich tropical system to hit Metro Vancouver beginning Monday. To read more Click Here

The Village is calling on residents that may be interested in assisting our Public Works Department with snow plowing services. A hard copy of our mail drop is scheduled to arrive in resident mail boxes on Thursday, January 12. To view the call out notice please click here

Top Ten List of the Most Valuable Properties in Anmore (05-01-17)


2220 East Rd., $6.6 million (25 acres)

2300 Sunnyside Rd., $5.8 million

3053 Anmore Creek Way, $5.2 million

2610 Sunnyside Rd., $4.6 million

1450 Crystal Creek Dr., $4.6 million

3299 Black Bear Way, $4.5 million

3051 Anmore Creek Way, $4.2 million

1755 Lancaster Crt., $4.1 million

1730 Lancaster Crt., $4.1 million

172 Wollny Crt., $3.9 million


To check out your BC Assessment e-value Click Here

Just Peachy!
Sammy Claus Wishes You a Merry Fishmas! (10-12-16)

The Village Says Thanks to Devon Bullock (07-12-16) Click Here

SNOWFALL WARNING (05-12-16) "Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for much the south coast of BC.   Accumulations of snow are expected in Metro Vancouver, especially over higher terrain.

TransLink says passengers may experience delays on the SkyTrain system this morning. In a tweet, the transit authority says it's due to heavy snow accumulations, which have set off the safety alarms at several stations.

SFU has cancelled all classes at its Burnaby Mountain campus today due to the snow.  TransLink had already cancelled bus service to the campus due to the difficulty of getting up the mountain on Gaglardi Way" (CKNW).

"All schools are OPEN and in session today, December 5, 2016. While the district tries to make the best decision with the information available, the weather does change quickly. Therefore, when schools remain open, decisions to stay at home during inclement weather conditions should be made by each family". (SD-43)

TransLink rolls out Winter Service Changes start December 19, 2016. Click Here.  For more info on planning your winter and Evergreen Line commute, you can use the TransLink Trip Planner. If you insert a travel date of Dec 19 or later, you will see updated route changes (Dec 19 is the effective date of the changes). Know before you go! Visit

Wonderful Kiel Magis - Congratulations! (16-11-16)

Kiel Magis who calls Anmore home at the moment released a new video this past week. Wonderful! Click Here
Se Sto Vicino a Te - Published on Youtube Nov 14, 2016

What do you think? Has 'Mother Nature' diverted a watershed from an Anmore development off of Summerwood Lane onto private Bedard and Edwards properties? The BC Supreme Court will be asked to decide. (10-11-16) For video from Calvin Bedard Click Here.

Thank you for being a heritage champion Fred Soofi. The Anmore Heritage Society thanks you for all your help trying to save the heritage designated homestead of the Newspapering Murrays which had served as the Anmore Village Hall since incorporation in 1988.

Port Moody heritage homes could be on the move - Fred Soofi is proposing to have three homes moved to a single-family lot on Douglas Street; a public hearing is on Nov. 8. To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

Anmore Manor - Did You Dare? (30-10-16)

Visit Anmore Manor - If You Dare! Click Here

Sunnyside is being Paved (02-10-16)

Anmore Manor Haunted House - Coming Soon. Click Here

Fixing East Road - Leave Extra Time for Slow Traffic (19-09-16)

With Elementary Road and Sugar Mountain Way work complete, CEWE has started on East Road paving and upgrades.

The Sun Shines on the Terry Fox Run in Anmore (18-09-16)
Congratulations to Gord Bytelaar, Dave McCloskey, and all of the volunteers, for another stellar Terry Fox Run in Anmore. From 11:30 on Sunday, September 18th: all ages; two footed, four-footed and wheeled; moms, dads, kids, and critters; set out from Anmore Village Hall to walk, run, or stroll either up Sunnyside or East Road. Neighbours with neighbours came out to honour Canadian hero Terry Fox and to raise money for cancer research. Well done everybody!

The Bella Terra Presentation Centre is Open for Business (12-09-16)

The Bella Terra Presentation Centre opened on Saturday September 10, 2016.The promotional  material advertises 26 exclusive new single family homes at 3000 Sunnyside Rd. in Anmore. Brian Lamb PREC, is the contact at Royal LePage West Real Estate Services 604.492.3144. Click Here

The advertising also states that "homes in Bella Terra by the Lake will be built on one-third and half-acre lots – still generous by city standards, but not as high maintenance as the one-acre lots found in other parts of Anmore. 'We still aim to keep the community fairly park-like in look and feel, but we are moving away from one-acre lots, which many people don’t feel they make full use of or want to upkeep,' (Tony) Barone (of Christen Luxury Homes) explains...

Barone says the four- and five-bedroom homes in Bella Terra by the Lake will range from 5,800 square feet to 7,560 square feet, including the fully finished basements...To learn more about the neighbourhood and the homes, which start at $3,350,000, visit: www.BellaTerraLuxury"

Sunny, Sassy, Silly Success
Ma Murray Day on the 100th Anniversary of the Murray Homestead - A Great Success!(11-09-16)

Three grandchildren of 'Ma' and George Murray, Dan, Betsy, and Ted attended Ma Murray Day celebrations on Sunday, September 11th - the 100th anniversary of their grandparents' homestead. Another friend Marlene Hancock spoke about her memories of the Murrays, as well. Residents wandered over to the antique tractor, SVFD pumper, and the vintage cars to chat with the folks who knew the Murrays, talk about their preferences for re-purposing the original old building which is in good condition, and complete the questionnaire for the Anmore Heritage group. To complete the short questionnaire Click Here.

SVFD firefighter Jamie Roberts was the honoured recipient of the Spirit of Community Award. The other firefighters helped fill our bellies, showcase the SVFD equipment, and had our backs in little ways as well as big. There were fun lawn tractor races, watermelon and cake eating contests, and dunk the mayor and Dave in the tank games. Anmore kids, both young and old, had a wonderful time. Thank you to everyone who helped make our special community celebration great.

The Village rushes to clean Up the mess and make the newly paved roads safe again after heavy storms at the end of last week. See the slide show of the storm damage below the following slide show of repairs underway ((08-09-16).

Storms Wreak Havoc on Newly Paved Anmore Roads (03-09-16)

Group has a plan to save Ma Murray house in Anmore. Anmore residents will be asked for support during upcoming Ma Murray Day. To read the full article in the Tri-city News Click Here

"I hope you’re listening to everyone in this room. This is a very good turnout for Anmore. I want you to take everything people say here seriously, look at the other option, and consider the overall impact. This is an impact and we want to be good partners with you but we’re starting to feel it’s a one-way street."  (Councillor Paul Weverink at BC Hydro Open House, June 23, 2016)

Open Letter to MLA Linda Reimer - Little Communities Should Matter! (28-08-16)

With great respect the Anmore Alternative News asks that:

Given the evidence published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that shock effects, direct radiation effects and corona ion effects can cause fatal illnesses in people living near high voltage power lines


Given the fact that the additional high voltage lines planned to go through Anmore are in close proximity to a number of residences,


Given that there has already been the death of one Anmore child to leukemia in a home close to the existing hydro lines,


Given the fact that BC Hydro is burying these additional high voltage power lines through Burnaby and Vancouver,


Given that burying these high voltage lines would eliminate all of the potential hazards, and that the distance through the residential area is less than 2 kms,

We respectfully request that you enter into discussion with British Columbia authorities in order to compel BC Hydro to add this little Village of Anmore in the plans to put high voltage wires underground.


Sugar Mountain Loop Hike - A Well Kept Secret? (14-08-16)
"Sugar Mountain is often overlooked by Tri-City hikers exploring the more popular areas around Buntzen Lake. Situated between Sasamat Lake and the village of Anmore, it can be considered to be a southern extension of the Diez Vistas ridge but offering easier and quieter trails than its northern companion. This hike takes in a pleasant trip over the crest of Sugar Mountain, starting and finishing at the small parking lot at Anmore village hall, near the fire station." To link to the article in the Tri-city News Click Here

Which Way to Go - The Commuters' Dilemma?
Paving on East Road, Sunnyside Road, Elementary Road, and Sugar Mountain Way, and David Avenue  (10-08-16)

Hollow Consultation by BC Hydro in Anmore (09-08-16)
"I hope you’re listening to everyone in this room. This is a very good turnout for Anmore. I want you to take everything people say here seriously, look at the other option, and consider the overall impact. This is an impact and we want to be good partners with you but we’re starting to feel it’s a one-way street."
(Councillor Paul Weverink)

The results of the BC Hydro storyboard update based on the June 23, 2016 open house consultation held in Anmore Elementary School gym indicate that BC Hydro is not listening to residents. The compelling story of the death by leukemia of one of Anmore's children did not sway them. The fact that the World Health Organization has named Electromagnetic Fields as a possible carcinogen did not phase them.

The fact that many other jurisdictions are banning and converting high voltage overhead transmission lines to limit health risks, minimize service outages, and protect the community aesthetics, did not sway them. The unfairness of BC Hydro putting the high voltage transmission lines underground in both Burnaby and Vancouver and not for that very small 1.8 km residential stretch through Anmore did not sway them.

BC Hydro doesn't seem to see the hypocrisy in its claims that it is just too difficult to put high voltage wires underground in Anmore, when underground water mains and Fortis gas lines are everywhere.  To read the questions from Anmore residents and the responses from BC Hydro Click Here.

BC Hydro doesn't appreciate what a steadfast friend they have had in the Village of Anmore. As the Village infrastructure crumbles, these same residents that they don't care about, have been paying taxes to the Village for road rehabilitation, by-law enforcement, and policing for Buntzen Lake while BC Hydro makes only a small token donation to community coffers as it clogs our streets all summer long.

Shame on BC Hydro! All that seems to matter to them is some obscure right-of-way deal from the 1960s and the bottom line cost. "It would cost approximately 3.5 to 4 times more to build an underground cable. It would be difficult for us to justify the significant cost increase to underground the line when there is sufficient space in an existing-right-of-way for an overhead line." ( BC Hydro Storyboard Update).

BC Hydro plans above ground high voltage power line upgrades through Anmore residential area.

In Our Backyard!

Many Cars Illegally Parked in Anmore on BC Day (01-07-16)

Many cars were illegally parked throughout Anmore on the beautiful BC Day long-week-end. Coquitlam Towing and 'No Parking' signs did not seem to be a deterrent, especially on the streets closest to Buntzen Lake.

Road Paving this Summer (28-07-16)
An award of a contract for road rehabilitation to Jack Crewe Ltd.  was approved at the July 12, 2016 Anmore Special Council Meeting. The projects include: (i) East Road Improvements - North and South of Mossom Creek, ii) East Road (Lanson), iii) West Elementary Road, iv) Sunnyside Road Walkway, and v) Sugar Mountain Way. At the July 26, 2016 Anmore Regular Council Meeting, Chief Administrative Officer Juli Kolby also indicated that there will be a further paving of Sunnyside Road when the water main installation is complete.

Congratulations to Anmore's David Price (28-07-16)

We congratulate you for your second overall finish in the seven-stage BC Bike Race held earlier this month. Well done!

All the Trees are Gone and the Sky is Gray (26-07-16)

At the risk of being prosecuted for walking on Village land, the following photos were taken of the Bella Terra Sub-division site from the Village side of the 'NO TRESPASSING' signs on Eaglecrest and Chestnut.

The vibrant forest and wildlife habitat appears to be all but gone. The environmental commitments made in the third and fourth readings of the Comprehensive Development approval by Anmore Council are not evident.  We would ask if the Village is monitoring the Bella Terra development for compliance with the commitments made to protect watercourses, riparian areas, and wildlife corridors? The vibrant forest appears to be no more.

And a Black Bear in an Anmore Cherry Tree (10-07-16)
BOB the Anmore Big Old Bear stuffed himself on Sour Cherries in a Tree on Summerwood Lane in Anmore. To view the YouTube video Click Here

Anmore Mayor John McEwen Muscles Up for the Mayor's Challenge at Gold Spike Days in Port Moody (04-07-16)

Progress on the Water Main Upgrade Down Sunnyside (30-06-16)

Anmore's Fred Soofi in good company with Harjit Sajjan.
Both were selected as recipients of RBC's 2016 top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards.

BC Hydro is Consulting But There is Absolutely No Evidence That They Are Listening! (22-06-16)

Approximately 125 to 150 Anmore residents attended the BC Hydro Open House
on Thursday June 23rd in Anmore Elementary School gym o n the proposed new high voltage lines through Anmore.  It seems that BC Hydro is mostly concerned about cost savings, and not about the health and other concerns of residents. With what appeared to be absolutely no interest in actually listening to residents, BC Hydro representatives were more than happy to do the skedaddle after an hour of questions although a number of residents still wanted to speak.

It seemed that consultation didn't mean really listening to residents, just putting in time to say that they consulted. As Councillor Weverink said, "It's a bit like David and Goliath and really like a one-way street" - we give and they take.

Anmore mayor John McEwen and many residents made terrific sense when they suggested putting all of the 1.5 km of lines underground through Anmore, just like BC Hydro is doing through Vancouver and Burnaby.

With the chance of death in childhood being 1 in 500,000 for homicide, 1 in 4,400 for a traffic fatality, 1 in 1,600 for childhood leukemia, and 1 in 500 for childhood leukemia near high voltage power lines (Dr. Phillip Stoddard, Professor of Bio-sciences, Florida Int'l University); BC Hydro could say that the risk of putting more new high voltage lines through Anmore is simply too great. The death of one child to leukemia is one child too many.

Although study results are mixed, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) upped it's 'classification of power line radiation' to "possibly carcinogenic (cancer-causing) to humans." None of the BC Hydro representatives indicated that they would not be worried about their children's health if they lived close to the proposed power lines.

Acknowledging that although the data are mixed, the precautionary principle should prevail. BC Hydro could put all of the high voltage lines underground, just like they are doing in Vancouver and Burnaby and likeFortis BC has done with gas pipelines with no great difficulty throughout the Village.    Many countries and jurisdictions have banned all new overhead high voltage lines.

Has Anmore not been a good friend to BC Hydro?  In lieu of taxes, BC Hydro pays only $60,000 a year, yet Anmore taxpayers pay for all of the Buntzen Lake traffic congestion and road maintenance. BC Hydro does not seem to understand what 'sweet' legacy deals we have given them.

BC Hydro could seize the opportunity - become a leader instead of an apologizer.  BC Hydro could show the world their excellent environmental citizenship and leadership. In a financially manageable 1.5 km strip through Anmore, they could 'test drive' putting all of the high voltage lines underground through 30 year-old rights-of-way and amortizing them over a period of time . The wooden poles will need replacement, and they could test the savings from lessening power outages, vegetation control, and reclaiming the skyline (maybe even supporting trails in the community), but, most importantly, they could demonstrate that their consultation is real and not just contrived to go the cheapest, easiest route possible without consideration of the risks to residents and the possible legal ramifications for BC Hydro down the road.

"Sunnyside Road Water Main Upgrade Project to commence on Monday, June 20, 2016
Expect single lane alternating traffic | Traffic control personnel will be on-site to assist drivers and pedestrians if required. To read the resident letter distributed by Matcon Civil Constructors Inc.,"(Source Village of Anmore)  please click here

Check out the new website for Neighbours United for Responsible Electricity Transmission Through Anmore (09-06-16) Click Here

BC LEEF Leadership Chair's serious concern response to MLA
Linda Reimer's strong support of BC Hydro Expansion through
Anmore and Port Moody. (06-06-16) Click Here

Neighbours Rally to Protect our Children in Anmore!

Good News for Longtime Anmore Residents -  Senior's Real Estate News is promoting Countryside Village as an excellent place to retire. You can now forget about 'aging in place' in your own home and downsize to a new home on a little lot in Countryside Village for $1.4 to $1.5 million or into an existing single-wide manufactured home for $720,000 to $750,000. The advertisement follows:

"3295 Sunnyside Road, Port Moody B.C. V3H 4Z4

A great opportunity for retirement living in lovely Anmore. This park is a bare land strata, so you have the option to buy the land. Enjoy a rural setting in a sought after and convenient location.

You are just minutes to Buntzen Lake Recreation area, yet close to shopping, restaurants and all important services. You will never tire of the wonderful mountain views.

This is a great spot for Seniors, Boomers and Empty Nesters to live in a truly remarkable setting.

Changes underway as building permits are being issued for permanent homes." Click Here to See the Homes for Sale.

Residents Call for Responsible Electricity Transmission Through Anmore (May 29, 2016)

A group of Anmore residents ignored the weather to gather both on Saturday, May 28th and Sunday, May 29th to discuss the unfairness of the BC Hydro choice of the new overhead 230kV Metro North Transmission Line through Anmore. While some members of the group understood BC Hydro's decision to use existing rights-of-ways through a low density residential area, they could not in any way comprehend the decision to install overhead lines instead of underground high voltage lines when there are so many risks involved.

The designated BC Hydro rights-of-way are between Leggett and Spence on the east side of Sunnyside Road, and Sugar Mountain and Hemlock on the west side of Sunnyside - a mere .8 km strip. Residents strongly believe that the proposed high voltage wires are dangerously close to their homes. At a minimum they would like to see the high voltage lines go underground as BC Hydro reportedly proposes to do in the more populated centres like Burnaby and Vancouver. Less than a kilometer of underground cable is really not very far!

In many countries and jurisdictions around the world, 'prudent risk avoidance' of electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) generated by high voltage lines is now required due to the need for the 'precautionary principle' or due to public pressure. While there are mixed reports on the dangers of electromagnetic fields generated in the production, transportation, distribution and use of electricity, there is some concrete evidence of the increased risk of childhood leukemia. 

Members of this group of Anmore residents believe that any risk at all to our children is too great, especially when the alternative for underground transmission is readily available. Just because our Village has a considerably smaller population than Burnaby and Vancouver, does that mean our children are less important? Will BC Hydro really opt for overhead transmission lines when underground transmission is possible just to save a few dollars?

May 24, 2016.
Dear Neighbors and Residents of Anmore,
"A team is stronger than the individual", a quote which hopefully will find truth in our upcoming battle against the power line upgrades planned in Anmore.
To build our team, we first need to create a communication platform that everybody is informed.
For that purpose, I have created an online spreadsheet where we will be collecting addresses and emails of all affected property owners and those who are indirectly affected or who simply are against additional power lines in Anmore.
Please fill in your information and forward this email to all of those who you think might have an interest in participating in the battle.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards
Marcus Schmieder, PEng, M.IE.&M.
755 Spence Way, Anmore

Information about buried power lines:

"Benefits of Underground Lines:
In summary, when compared with overhead or above-ground lines, buried high voltage power lines:
 1.eliminate the electrical field through shielding and significantly reduce the magnetic field through phase cancellation,
 2.reduce the negative health impacts of overhead line electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to almost zero,
 3.eliminate the negative health impacts of the overhead line corona effect,
 4.are safer because they can’t electrocute people or animals,
 5.eliminate EMFs and stray voltage that negatively affect livestock, not negatively impact agricultural crop production, not interfere with agricultural operations,
 8.are safer because buried lines don’t fall over in hurricanes, tornadoes, other high wind storms or ice storms,
 9.eliminate costly power outages to hundreds of thousands of customers every day resulting from damage to above-ground electricity infrastructure,
 10.are not affected by solar storms, not start wildfires nor are they affected by fires,
 12.are safer because aircraft and hot air balloons can’t crash into them, not cause nearby pipeline corrosion or hazardous induced currents in pipelines, not lower adjacent property values,
 15.are not an eyesore, not buzz or hum, not negatively affect tourism, not negatively affect other economic development opportunities, not negatively affect the environment, not kill millions of birds annually through collision, not frighten wildlife with ultra-violet flashes,
 22.are not negatively affected by volcano ash fall-out,
 23.are safer because they are not susceptible to terrorist attacks, not create electromagnetic interference or other negative effects on national defense equipment/installations,
 25.are more reliable,
 26.have lower maintenance costs,
 27.are more efficient and have lower transmission loss costs, and
 28.can be buried for almost the same capital cost as overhead lines."
(Source: Responsible Electricity Transmission for Albertans - RETA)

New Gates Block Off Ridge Mountain Drive and North Charlotte (24-05-16)

Ridge Mountain Drive
Ridge Mountain Drive
North Charlotte
North Charlotte

At the Anmore Regular Council Meeting on May 17th, CAO Juli Kolby announced that lock boxes and chains will now block off  Ridge Mountain Drive and North Charlotte at night. This should waylay any further after hours shenanigans at the top of Pinnacle Ridge.

Water Shortage Response Plan (WSRP) At a Glance | Update (16-05-16)
The updated Water Shortage Response Plan (WSRP) At a Glance document, reflecting the 2016 amendments to the WSRP, is attached HERE. The document is also posted on the Metro Vancouver website at the following link

BC Hydro Metro North Transmission Line Study Update: The route chosen for further study, technical work, and consultation is the Coquitlam (Meridian Substation) route through ANMORE. (11-05-16)

BC Hydro has been studying three
alternatives as part of the Metro
North Transmission Study and have
identified one alternative (Alternative 2) for further study,
technical work and consultation.
Alternative 2 is through Anmore.

A new 230kV transmission line originating at the Meridian Substation in Coquitlam.

  • Through Anmore our existing right-of-way would be used. Although additional work is required, the design to date includes:

- Twelve existing wooden H-frame structures (totaling 25 poles), supporting one 230 kV circuit, could be replaced with eight taller steel monopoles, supporting two 230 kV circuits reducing the total number of poles by 17.
- Seven existing monopoles, supporting two 230 kV circuits would remain in place with an added grounding wire.
- When compared to the other alternatives studied, the improvements from Meridian Substation in Coquitlam to the Mount Pleasant Substation in Vancouver have:
- Fewer overall residents and property owners potentially impacted by construction.
- Lower seismic and construction risks.
- Best value in terms of capacity for the investment.

To read the full report Click Here

Thumbs Up to Anmore Participants in Wheel-to-Heal
Team Ugly Christmas Sweater (mostly from Anmore) raises money for Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation in the Wheel-to-Heal 100k ride on Saturday, April 30th (01-05-16).

Progress in Anmore? (20-04-16)

The first Comprehensive Development (CD-1) in Anmore (Mueckel) was off of Alpine Drive between Sunnyside Road and Chestnut (Annore) Crescent on the relatively flat valley floor. In 1999, the Council of the day allowed a slightly smaller than one acre density in order to accommodate horses and a 12 horse stable for the community. Riders had access to nearby horse trails and neighbours met up and walked their dogs on a network of trails throughout the community. The development embraced the Official Community Plan to preserve the semi-rural lifestyle and included a protected wetland area.

In 2016, Anmore Council approved the Bella Terra 'steep slope' Comprehensive Development Number 6. This development on approximately 22 acres is adjacent to CD-1. It will have 27 luxury homes on mostly 1/3 acre starting at just under $3 million each. A petition from 58 Anmore residents opposing the development in its current iteration was presented to Anmore Council. At the Public Hearing on the proposed development, residents expressed concern about the possible destruction of protected watercourses and wildlife habitat, the risk of wildfire, the need for wildlife corridors, the need to protect the endangered Red Legged Frog, the need for trail connectivity and accessible parkland, and the preservation of trees. The developers assured residents that these needs and concerns would be addressed.

At the April 5, 2016 Regular Council Meeting, concerned residents asked if the Village was monitoring compliance with the Riparian Area protection and Development Area Permit requirements. While the Chief Administrative Officer Juli Kolby had not visited the site, she thought that the By-law Enforcement Officer had.

Recently sold house on Alpine backs onto Bella Terra
Recently sold house on Alpine backs onto Bella Terra
More long-time Anmore residents on Alpine backing onto Bella Terra have houses for sale.
More long-time Anmore residents on Alpine backing onto Bella Terra have houses for sale.

It would appear that neighbours are not convinced, and many are moving out of Anmore. Six out of eight long-time residents in homes abutting the Bella Terra development have recently been sold or are for sale. After constant tree cutting for over a month, the developers are into excavation. A recycled Britco trailer on the stand-alone approx 1/5 acre lot is currently being transformed into the Christen Luxury Home Sales Centre.   

Lights, camera, action in Anmore Film crews will be busy in Anmore this week to shoot a new web series. Click Here

Building Community in Anmore! (17-04-16)
On a sunny Sunday, April 17th, members of the Anmore Garden Club, the Scouts, and the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department joined forces to beautify the Anmore firehall at Sunnyside and East Road. We thank you all.

The Grand Ol' Lady Turns 100!

The 'Newspapering Murray' House which has served as the Anmore Village Hall since incorporation 28 years ago turns 100 this year. Unfortunately, unless Council has a change of heart, this grand ol' lady, designated heritage by an earlier Council, will be demolished. The Murray house, a solitary connection to our past, is the hub of the main community celebration 'Ma Murray Day' in September. With little success, the Murray's granddaughter appealed to the Village Council to recognize the importance of the 'Newspapering Murray House' not only to Anmore, but to British Columbia and Canada as a whole.

Some local politicians want to "bulldoze the building but save the stained glass window". They claim that it is a matter of economics, but how can this be? The only proper building inspection, conducted by Mr. Lloyd Lucas of Emerald Building Group
three months after staff was removed over night into trailers, estimated the cost of complete restoration to commercial standards at approximately $650,000. In the most recent Anmore Five-Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. 548-2016, Anmore Council has committed $3,531,700. for a new Village Hall in 2017.

A few months prior to the last Federal Election in 2015, the Honourable James Moore encouraged the Village to apply for an infrastructure grant. Residents breathed a sigh of relief when Council directed staff to apply for a grant to save the Village Hall. Unfortunately, the application was lost and Anmore did not receive the grant.

Most recently, there was hope again, when an Anmore engineer with experience in event management and the food business, presented Council with a proposal to create a high-end European style restaurant in the building. He offered to restore the Village Hall (estimated cost $700,000) at no cost to the Village, to buy the half acre it sits on at the market rate,  to provide on-going revenue to the Village, and to allow the Village to use the building for special events.  This offer was referred to staff.

Congratulations to Anthea Hughes on the
Grand Opening of Loam Yoga Studios (07-04-15)

  A new yoga studio opened this past weekend in Anmore! Loam Yoga is a boutique studio nestled in the forest of Anmore. It is a welcoming and down-to-earth place to practice yoga. This beautiful and tranquil setting is the perfect place to connect with your inner peace.

As part of the “Grand Opening” three free classes were offered on April 2 & 3. The classes were “sold out”. The weather held out nicely for the event. The participants seemed to really enjoy the classes. Many have purchased passes and are already signed up for more yoga classes!


Here are a few quotes from the participants.


"A wonderful, calm, quiet oasis in the woods headed by a warm, generous, talented instructor who happily guides you through your yoga practice! Highly recommended!" Joanne Howey


"It was a wonderful start of the weekend! Beautiful setting and refreshing!! Thank you so much! I wish I could have this on every Saturday mornings or Friday nights?!" Aki Sano


“First class today was amazing. Loved every minute.” Janine Baker


"Thank you so much for a wonderful class this morning... Feeling so much more relaxed. Looking forward to Friday!" Shari Fisher


"What a wonderful class yesterday and tonight. Your energy is very therapeutic.  You have a lovely space." Christine Perkins


"Anthea’s instruction flows very nicely. It is smooth, clear, concise. Her cues allow me to know what she wants me to do next, enabling me to be engaged mentally and physically the whole time. Her voice, volume, and tone is perfect and creates a great atmosphere." Audrey Gauer


"Loam Yoga is a very relaxed, peaceful, beautiful setting to practice yoga. I went to a Hatha class during the "soft launch" and will be continuing there on a regular basis. The classes are small which I LOVE and Anthea is a wonderful instructor! She is very passionate about teaching yoga and it shows in the environment she has created." Laura Slack


To get in touch with Anthea Hughes at Loam Yoga,
221 Westridge Lane, Anmore BC V3H 0A3
Phone: 778-875-0401

"When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money."  (04-04-16)

Before and After

It's Migratory Bird Nesting Season in Anmore from April 1 to July 31 -  Not much nesting territory left in the Bella Terra sub-division between Alpine and Eagle Ridge.To link to the Bella Terra clear-cut map Click Here.

Anmore's Going to the Birds? Or at least their Houses! (01-04-16)

3 acres of land, adjacent to Mossom Creek, has been purchased for an Eco-Friendly development reported by Mike Wazowski... with an eye on the news!

A developer and eco-tourism expert plans to build an eco-resort along the banks of our beloved Mossom Creek. Steed Gonzalez is the owner of two resorts in Mexico and is now planning an unique west coast, rain forest experience in Canada. A tree house bed and breakfast!

"I have been searching for three years for the perfect location."Steed said with enthusiasm". I stayed at Tree House Point in Washington  three years ago and fell in love with the experience. I feel that visitors to Vancouver would also find this experience

Each unit would be of an unique design, blending in with the environment. State of the art composting toilets would be used. Environmental impact would be kept to a minimum.  The main lodge, located safely away from the creeks banks, would supplement power with solar panels. Guests would be asked not to go near the creeks edge.

I you have any comments or concerns, please contact Steed's office. The number is 1-800-APRIL-FOOLS

Anmore's Pride - A Poem by Steve Carter (30-03-16)

The Anmore Alternative News
Fred Soofi - Incredible Community Giver

Please support Anmore's Fred Soofi for the nomination for Canada's Top 25 immigrants.

He has been honored to be short listed for Canada's Top 25 Immigrants Award 2016! Please take the time to read his short bio, and if you think he should be selected as Canada's Top 25 Immigrants, please share with your friends and VOTE for him!
You can read his bio and VOTE HERE .  Thank you!

Vehicle accident in Anmore Causes Easter Monday Havoc!

6 hour power outage in Anmore and Port Moody and snarled Buntzen Lake traffic on Easter Monday. Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department was rapidly on site at Sunnyside and East Road at 2:00 assessing the damage to the car, the lady driver, the hydro poles, and directing traffic. No serious injuries reported. As always, thank you to brave SVFD firefighters.

Another Anmore Community Mailbox Break-in (March 20, 2016)

Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department Captain Robert Schofield noticed that the community mail box in front of the Village Hall on Sunnyside had been broken into. He said that two slots and the parcel slot had been pried open, the SVFD mail slot had been broken, and you could see the attempt to pry others.  He noticed the problem about 4pm on Saturday, March 19th when he went to get the SVFD mail. He tried to phone Canada Post but got an email / voicemail run around so he phoned the RCMP. The RCMP indicated that they would notify Canada Post as part of the file.

The Village of Anmore will continue offering its Brush Chipping Program to residents however, you are no longer required to register. (15-03-16) To read more please click HERE.

Long-time Anmore Residents are Doing the Skedaddle (08-03-16)

The Remaining Lots in Countryside Village for Sale (20-02-16) "$8,500,000. This is an opportunity to purchase the remaining 26 lots of a 92-lot mobile home park that has been re-zoned to bare land strata, providing the purchaser with ongoing cash flow and future lot sales potential. This unique stratified park is located adjacent Buntzen Lake in the high net worth community of Anmore, BC. Countryside Village has undergone rapid and dramatic change in the past 5 years, with many new homes constructed or currently under construction. Call today for a detailed information package - Seller is willing to entertain offers for all or part of this project." Click Here 


Congratulations to the "Light Up Your Home" Decorating Contest

1st Place: Cole & Heather Hartley – 1035 Thomson Road

2nd Place: Doug & Sandra Richardson – 1056 Ravenswood Drive

3rd Place: Trevor & Christine Stone – 1074 Magnolia Way

BC Assessment Information (19-01-16)
BC Assessment mailed their property assessments to Anmore homeowners. Assessments can also be viewed at:  Note: Deadline to appeal your 2016 Property Assessment with BC Assessment is Monday, February 1, 2016. Contact the BC Assessment North Fraser Office at: 604-294-6441

The Village of Anmore is looking for a Public Works Foreman  ( The application deadline is 4:00p.m. Tuesday, January 12, 2016. It is also looking for a Plan Checker. The deadline to apply is 4:00p.m. Wednesday, January 20, 2016. (11-01-16).

North Fraser Top 100 Valued Residential Properties in 2015
By BC Assessment (05-01-16)

Nineteen of the top valued residential properties are in Belcarra. There are six in Anmore. Click Here for the Top 100. The value and rank of the Anmore top valued properties follow.

RANKADDRESSVALUE81755 Lancaster Court$3,589,00029. 2185 Summerwood Lane$3,208,000323053 Anmore Ck Way$3,169,00054135 Dogwood$2,953,000622610 Sunnyside Rd.
$2,918,00066110 Strong Rd. $2,895,000

Well Done! (20-12-15)

Congratulations to Anmore's Jordan Birch and all of the zany gang at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Foundation. Your efforts will make one little girl very happy through the Children's Wish Foundation. Well done!

Christmas Cookie Exchange (17-12-15)

What a great way to share the joys of Christmas! On Sunday, December 13, 2015, Frieda Robertson hosted members of the Anmore Ladies Book Club (Gentlemen Welcome) and others at the annual Christmas cookie exchange party on Thomson Road. It's been 3 days now. We wonder if anyone has any cookies left.

Lighting Up Our Hearts - Spirit Park (07-12-15)

Anmore Has a Professional Manager - Welcome Juli Kolby

Anmore's new Chief Administrative Officer, Juli Kolby will be featured in a series of interviews.  Part One

Final Part of Juli Kolby Interview. (06-12-15) Click Here.

Anmore Green and Garbage Waste Collection (20-11-15)
"Please be advised that Smithrite Disposal has informed the Village that during freezing temperatures, organic bins that are left outside are causing difficulties in the removal of waste.  They are doing their best to ensure that these bins do get emptied, however if any frozen material remains, they will not be going back to try and remove.  The Village highly recommends that both garbage and organic waste bins are kept inside in a secured location until collection day. Thank you."

The Ugly Sweater Dash is back home and Anmore's New Chief Administrative Officer Juli Kolby and her family have a Special Involvement (13-11-15)

The Tri-City-based society will have its third annual run/walk at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody Dec. 5. Juli Kolby and her husband are going to wait a couple of years before they let their young daughter chose her wish. The CAO for the village of Anmore says she wants her three-year-old girl to fully understand the gift she's been given and to get the most of out it. To link to the full story in the Tri-city News Click Here

Anmore Halloween Fireworks -
The Rain Co-operated

Halloween Fun at Anmore Manor (29-10-15)
You are Invited to Anmore Manor on Robin Way in Anmore Green- If You Dare!  
It is open for everyone:

  • Wednesday the 28th (7-9)
  • Thursday the 29th (7-9)
  • Friday the 30th (7-10) and
  • Halloween Saturday (6-10)

Share Family and Community Services is happily accepting donations at the Anmore Manor

Get your Halloween chills at Anmore Manor. Fright aficionado Ken Honigman has converted 80% of his Anmore home into a haunted house for Halloween. To link to Tri-city News article Click Here

Ken Honigman invites you to prowl the Anmore Manor Haunted Mansion - if you dare (14-10-15) Click Here

Plan to Attend the Anmore Fireworks on Halloween Click Here

Proposed Bella Terra Steep Slope Development in the Home of the Endangered Red-Legged Frog Moves Forward Once Again to Public Hearing October 27, 2015 by Unanimous Council Vote! Click Here

Anmore Council considered a revised Bella Terra steep slope development proposal on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. This property is home to the Northern Red-legged Frog which is protected under the British Columbia Wildlife Act. To link to more information Click Here

Anmore Bears are Hungry (08-10-15)

Gotta Love Our Ever-ready SVFD Firefighters
A picture from last weekend's Rotary's Amazing Race TriCities event. This part took place at Anmore Fire Hall. (08-10-15)

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