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This page was established on February 26, 2015 to highlight news from Anmore's sister Village of Belcarra. For earlier articles please scroll down the page.

The October Belcarra Barnacle says "Thank you!" to retiring Mayor Ralph Drew. The Anmore Alternative News would like to add our thanks as well. "Thank you so much for your community service Mayor Drew. To read the October Belcarra Barnacle Click Here.

Neil Belenkie who attended a course at Harvard University in Boston is running for mayor of Belcarra

Belcarra: Harvard-educated Belenkie to run for mayor
A CEO and firefighter with the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department is the first to publicly announce his intention to run for the mayor’s chair in Belcarra. Click Here

Presenting the September Belcarra Barnacle Click Here

July-August Belcarra Barnacle Click Here

Congratulations on Your Golden Wedding Anniversary Keith and Judy Evans!
Long-time Sasamat Volunteer Fire Fighters, Belcarra residents Keith and Judy Evans, celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary with friends and family on Saturday, June 30th on Sugar Mountain Way in Anmore. Together the couple has contributed 74 years of volunteer service to Anmore and Belcarra. Thank you and a big congratulations on this very important milestone celebration.

Smokies anyone? SVFD - Putting UNITY into Community- Belcarra Days (27-06-18)

The Tri-city News reports 'Belcarra Mayor to Retire This Fall'. Click Here. (17-06-18) Good-bye Belcarra Mayor Ralph Drew. His most recent book is 'Townsite Tales: The History of IOCO, Anmore Valley, & North Shore of Port Moody' 2017. Thank you for everything you do to preserve the heritage of our communities. It takes vision to preserve the past for future generations.

Enjoy the June 2018 Belcarra Barnacle Click Here

Little Library Opens in Belcarra. Thank you! (22-05-18) Click Here

Marmots in May
The newsy Belcarra Barnacle for May is available for your reading pleasure. Click Here

April Belcarra Barnacle

The Influx of Ducks! Did you know that for the first time since 1956, Easter fell on April Fool's Day? To read the newsy, full of fun, Belcarra Barnacle Click Here

The March Belcarra Barnacle is out. Great community news - catch up here

Enjoy the February Belcarra Barnacle. Catch Up on the news in our sister Village. As always - excellent. Thank you editor Michelle Montico. Click Here

December 2017 Belcarra Barnacle  Click Here

The December issue of the Belcarra Barnacle features lots of photographs of the recent Children's Halloween Party & photos of Pub Nite.  BlockWatch, SVFD, Mayor's Reports & upcoming Shelly Studio Sale.  Next issue available February 2018.

Belcarra cottages to be preserved in latest plan. (15-11-17) To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

Remembrance Day at Belcarra Park

Anmore Councillor Paul Weverink, WW-II Veteran Anmore resident Daisy Austen, and Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department firefighter Mario Piamonte at the 2016 Remembrance Day Ceremony in Belcarra.

Schedule of activities for 2017:
  •  Pre-ceremony setup and music starts 09:30 hrs.
  •  Formal ceremony commences at 10:35 hrs with the sounding of an air raid siren.
  •  Ceremony and address
  •  Flanders Fields
  •  Prayer
  •  Last Post
  •  2 minutes of silence (11.00 hrs) Squadron and other wreaths will be presented during the address will be laid at this time)
  •  Ceremony closing and fly-over (weather permitting, fly over by John Northey and his Air Squadron)
  •  Lunch follows at the park shelter on a donation basis ($5.00 per person)

Belcarra street challenge to aid SVFD (08-11-17)

Kim and Lynda Alfreds have a burning desire to make a difference in their new home of Belcarra. To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

November 2017 Belcarra Barnacle Click Here

Belcarra Barnacle October Community News
The Belcarra Barnacle for October highlights useful Block Watch information, Friendly Forest Pre-School vacancies, stories from Belcarra heritage proponent Mayor Ralph Drew, Free downloadable West Coast Gardens, all kinds of Hallowe'en fun. Click Here

Thank you for all of your amazing efforts to preserve the history of IOCO, Anmore Valley, and the North Shore of Port Moody Arm Belcarra Mayor Historian Ralph Drew. “Townsite Tales: The History of Ioco.” Click Here

Congratulations to Belcarra residents for raising $1600 for SVFD SCBAs at their community picnic on Sunday, September 10th. Well done folks!

September Belcarra Barnacle
Bears, Bumble Bees, and Beyond Click Here

Enjoy the Summer Belcarra Barnacle Click Here

The June Belcarra Barnacle is Out! Read news in our sister Village. Click Here. Above are Belcarra birders at the home of Judy and Keith Evans.

Bole House protection in Belcarra Regional Park welcomed by neighbours. (24-05-17) To link to the Tri-city News Click Here

Enjoy the May 2017 Belcarra Barnacle
News and views from our sister Village of Belcarra - including such delights as Judy Evan's Irish Soda Bread recipe and much, much more. Click Here

Fire destroys two waterfront homes in Belcarra. (10-04-17) To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

The April 2017 Belcarra Barnacle is out. Click Here

"Larry Scott departs after 32 years as ‘Superintendent of Public
Works’ (05-03-17)

Council was recently advised that Larry Scott would be leaving Belcarra’s employment effective Friday, March 3rd, 2017. Larry Scott’s 32 years of service as Belcarra’s Superintendent of Public Works and Building Inspector is a remarkable achievement, and worthy of special recognition.

Two years ago, Larry Scott retired after 32 years as SVFD Fire Chief and 37 years as a charter member of the Sasamat Fire Department. Larry Scott’s name is synonymous with the spirit of volunteerism and commitment to public service within the communities of Anmore and Belcarra.

On behalf of all the Belcarra residents, Council wishes to thank Larry for his 32 years of service and many contributions to the development of Belcarra as a community." (Source: Belcarra Barnacle)

March Belcarra Barnacle (03-03-17). Including good-bye to long-time Manager of Public Works Larry Scott, recognition of SVFD firefighter Judy Evans, Mole monsters and spring gardening hints, and lots of news from Mayor Drew. Click Here

Metro Vancouver’s parks committee has voted in favour of a plan that would see six historic cabins removed and eight people evicted from Belcarra Regional Park. (03-02-17) To link to the Vancouver Sun article Click Here

Belcarra Park affected by power line expansion By BC Hydro says route is in an existing right-of-way. To link to the Tricity News article Click Here

Check Out the February Belcarra Barnacle

Belcarra Barnacle front cover for February features a photograph submitted by Linda Newcombe

Top Ten List of the Most Valuable Properties in Belcarra (05-01-17)


185 Turtlehead Rd., $7.2 million

4593 Belcarra Bay Rd., $6.4 million

4535 Belcarra Bay Rd., $5.1 million

3495 Senkler Rd., $5 million

5225 Coombe Lane, $4.8 million

5269 Coombe Lane, $4.7 million

5063 Whiskey Cove Lane, $4.6 million

5061 Whiskey Cove Lane, $4.3 million

5191 Belcarra Bay Rd., $4.3 million

5065 Whiskey Cove Lane, $4.3 million


To check out your BC Assessment e-value Click Here

The December Belcarra Barnacle is out!
Thank you to Editor Michelle Montico for Belcarra's version of 'Star Bright!' To read the Daecember Barnacle Click Here(01-12-16)
**Please note that the Barnacle is not published in January.


The Port Moody Power Squadron organized  another moving Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Belcarra  dock on Friday, November 11th.  Thank you to all!

Increased Bus Service Coming to the Northeast Sector (09-11-16)

"The recent announcement that the Evergreen SkyTrain Extension will be opening in late 2016 is a huge milestone for the Northeast Sector of Metro Vancouver. When the Evergreen Line opens, TransLink’s SkyTrain system will be the longest unattended and automatic rapid transit system in the world.

As part of the Evergreen SkyTrain Extension opening, several integration improvements are planned. The transit network in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody will be reorganized to improve connections to the Evergreen Line. Additional hours will be added to these bus routes to upgrade service, such as providing more frequent bus service during the day and extending service later into the evening. In addition, four new bike parkades will be implemented to provide secure bike parking...

Phase One of the 10-Year Vision will increase bus service across the Northeast Sector by 10% beginning in 2017. For Belcarra, there will be more frequent bus service during weekday middays. The C26 Shuttle Bus will operate every 30 minutes midday, compared with every 60 minutes today." (Mayor's Report, Ralph Drew, Belcarra)

We Remember - The Belcarra Barnacle for November is Out Click Here

The Government of BC Talks About Student Success Story - Miranda Andersen (25-10-16) Click Here

The October issue of the Belcarra Barnacle is now out (05-10-16)

Check out our sister village's newspaper to see wildlife, SVFD, spill response proposals, council news, potluck picnic photos & the best Halloween Costume Ever! Click Here

Property rights vs. village integrity in Belcarra (25-10-16)
A battle is brewing in Belcarra over the rights of property owners and the wish of municipal council to preserve the village character. Click Here

The September Belcarra Barnacle is Out (01-09-16)

Thank you Editor Michelle Montico. We love the cover painting. Read about travel trips, early years, Community Directory, Ma Murray Homestead Saved, Bears, Bears, and More Bears Click Here

SVFD and PMFD Rescue Sheltie in Belcarra

July Belcarra Barnacle (04-07-16)

Thank you to Belcarra Barnacle Editor Michelle Montico for sharing the latest edition of the Belcarra Barnacle with Anmore Alternative News readers. It is full of Belcarra community news including a warm good-bye to long-time resident John Doerksen and a photo journal of the fun at Belcarra Days. Click Here

Belcarra Days June 26, 2016

"Metro Vancouver to seek public input on Belcarra cottages. Metro Vancouver is kicking off a public consultation process in the hopes community input can help find a way through an impasse with the city of Port Moody over the Belcarra cottages."(12-06-16). To link to the Tricity News article Click Here

June 2016 Belcarra Barnacle - Bears, Boating, and Bole's Ranch. Thank you Belcarra Barnacle Editor Michelle Montico Click Here

Traffic Stopper on Bedwell Bay Road (24-05-16)
Around 10:00 o'clock on May 24th, SVFD firefighter Mario Piamonte was on his way to the Belcarra Fire Station when he had to intervene in a different type of traffic jam. A gaggle of Canada Geese, including their new hatchlings, had to be shooed off the road. 'Only in Anmore and Belcarra' you say!

The May issue of the Belcarra Barnacle is now available Click Here

BOOKS PLUS: History, environment, more Books Plus runs in The Tri-City News each Friday to highlight programs and happenings in the Tri-Cities’ three libraries. For example at the PORT MOODY Library • History author panel: On April 23, local authors David E. Burnell, Steven Carter, Ralph Drew, Larry Jacobsen and Ruth Kozak will discuss their historical fiction and non-fiction books and the research process behind their work. Enjoy a lively discussion with other readers, authors and history fans over light refreshments. Call 604-469-4577 to reserve a seat for this panel discussion, which will take place from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Fireside Reading Room. (In photo Belcarra Mayor Ralph Drew) To link to the Tri-city News Click Here

Catch up on all the news in our sister Village of Belcarra. The Belcarra Barnacle for April is now available. (28-03-16) Click Here

Belcarra bylaw will require English to be used for village business 'It's a question of clarity,' says mayor. (20-03-16) To link to the CBC article Click Here

Belcarra staff operate in 'Canadian English Only'. (17-03-16) To link to the Vancouver Province article Click Here

Thank you to Editor Michelle Montico - March 2016 Belcarra Barnacle - Good-bye Don Hoskins - Click Here

The February 2016 issue of the Belcarra Barnacle remembers Angus Rhys Broberg-Hull & features WARD information.  Click Here

North Fraser Top 100 Valued Residential Properties in 2015
By BC Assessment (05-01-16)

Nineteen of the top valued residential properties are in Belcarra. There are six in Anmore.

The December 2015 Issue of the Belcarra Barnacle features Emergency Response on Burrard Inlet, Constable Kent's retirement,  SVFD fundraising, Carol Ships in Belcarra and full of Christmas Spirit!  Click Here

New History Book Now Available (20-11-15)

Tri-city Mayors and MLA Help Mayor Drew Celebrate the Launch of his New Book (POMO Mayor Mike Clay, COCO Mayor Richard Stewart, MLA Linda Reimer, Belcarra Mayor Ralph Drew, Anmore Mayor John McEwen

The new book Ferries & Fjord: The History of Indian Arm was officially launched on November 8th, and this latest history is now available for purchase –– the perfect gift for Christmas!

Ferries & Fjord is follow-on research by Ralph Drew that covers the history of Indian Arm, its ferries, docks, travelling post offices, and floating grocery stores. This book complements Forest & Fjord: The History of Belcarra that was awarded first prize in 2013 by the B.C. Historical Federation as well as
The Lieutenant-Governor’s Gold Medal for historical writing in 2014.

Ferries & Fjord covers the history of Indian Arm, its ferries, docks, travelling post offices, and floating grocery stores, and brings life to this history with historical photographs which truly are 'worth a thousand words'. This latest book by Ralph Drew is the perfect gift solution for family and friends.

This new book begins with a description of the geological history that facilitated the settlement of Burrard Inlet and its North Arm by the Coast Salish people, and the archaeological evidence attesting to their presence. The book also describes the exploration of Burrard Inlet's North Arm by the Spanish in 1792, the first Europeans to explore Indian Arm.

The book describes the establishment of saw mills on the inner harbour of Burrard Inlet in the 1860s and the associated settlement by mill workers. That development created a demand for logs which resulted in logging of the forests that surrounded Indian Arm, and the consequent appearance of the first European settlers on the fjord. The book also describes the granite quarries established in the 1880s to supply the building needs of the new and rapidly growing frontier town called 'Vancouver'.

The rugged mountain wilderness surrounding Indian Arm meant that water access by either private boat or commercial ferry were the only practical options, and those boats and ferries required docks both as a home base and a means of accessing the places of settlement along the fjord. During most of the 20th-century the ferries, travelling post offices and floating grocery stores were unique and critical services to the many small communities scattered along the Indian Arm fjord. As a result, the history of Indian Arm was shaped by the necessary emergence of ferry commerce for both industry and settlement, and this new book is about this unique time in the history of the Lower Mainland.

Ferries & Fjord (ISBN 978-0-9813113-19) is both an 11" x 8½" landscape-format hard-cover 'coffee table' book and a fully referenced and indexed history. The book is 384 pages overall and contains 340 historical photographs and images which brings life to Indian Arm's history, organized into 8 chapters:

Chapter 1 – Serpent's Land
Chapter 2 – 19th Century Burrard Inlet
Chapter 3 – Settlement on Indian Arm
Chapter 4 – Commerce on Indian Arm
Chapter 5 – The Ferries of Indian Arm
Chapter 6 – The Ferries of Port Moody Arm
Chapter 7 – Indian Arm's Travelling Post Offices
Chapter 8 – Indian Arm's Floating Grocery Stores

Order now to secure your copy of Ferries & Fjord, and order additional copies to give as gifts for family and friends. The book can be purchased by an email Interact e-Transfer to the author (or mailing a cheque payable to the author) for $49.95 plus 5% GST ($2.50) = $52.45 plus $16.50 for shipping via Canada Post (within Canada, west of Winnipeg) to:

Ralph Drew, 3772 Marine Avenue, Belcarra, BC, V3H 4R9
For purchase inquiries, either email Ralph Drew or telephone: 604-937-0143.

Remember! Respect! Recognize!
The 2015 Remembrance Day Ceremony at Belcarra enjoyed perfect weather, almost the entire parking lot was full! The 'Fly Over' by John Northey and his Air Squadron included what we think is called 'The Lone Man' formation. Local dignitaries, people of all ages, children, dogs and even a curious seal attended! Lunch was served (by donation): hotdogs, spicy chilli, hot chocolate, tea, coffee and even Timbits!

Remembrance Day 2015 Honour Guard
Thank you to all those who took the time to pay their respects to the men and woman who so bravely fought for our freedom and continue to serve today! It was a beautiful day out in Belcarra. There is always something special about being by the water!  Thank you to the Port Moody Power Squadron, the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department, and all of the groups and dignitaries that participate in this very moving event. (Photo by Dave McCloskey)

The November Belcarra Barnacle is out. It honours Remembrance Day and the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department and its members. To read all of the community news in our 'sister' Village Click Here

On ferries and fjords: Belcarra mayor publishes second historical book. (27-10-15) To link to article Click Here

For back issues of the excellent community news the Belcarra Barnacle on-line (06-10-15) Click Here

Belcarra Barnacle October 2015 is now out (02/10/15)

Catch up on the local news in our sister village Belcarra; includes wildlife photos, last of the summer blooms and a spooky Halloween theme!   Click Here

Belcarra Barnacle September 2015 is now Out (07-09-15)
Catch up on the news in our sister Village (Belcarra Days, the busy SVFD summer, Burrard Inlet Fish Fest, CRAB origins and many other interesting pieces). Click Here

100-year-old Mary Anne Cooper, long-time IOCO Days Organizer, says she was left stranded after bus driver left her at curb (30-07-15) To link to the full article in the Tri-city News Click Here

Belcarra Barnacle - Summer Sparks (05-07-15)
The July Belcarra Barnacle is out. The theme is Summer Sparks and features the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department throughout.To read all of the news in our sister Village Click Here

Celebrating Community!
You've got some pretty awesome competition Sasamat Fire Fighters!
You've got some pretty awesome competition Sasamat Fire Fighters!
The SVFD attended an awesome Belcarra Day on Sunday. Great effort by the local community and Village staff. Thomas the Train, the bouncy castle, and the petting zoo were big hits with the kids. There was a large local turnout. In fact, for the first time in memory, we actually ran out of food. Thanks to the many SVFD members who came out to cook and show people the fire trucks - particularly all of the SVFD new recruits. Nice work, (Courtesy SVFD 29-06-15)

A message of thanks for SVFD firefighters from the Village of Belcarra and its new mascot. (22-06-15)

June is in Bloom in Belcarra (31-05-15)

Catch up on the news in Belcarra in the June Belcarra Barnacle courtesy of Editor Michelle Montico. Say good-bye to long-time Chief Administrative Officer Linda Floyd who is retiring to Kelowna; catch up on your 'good-byes to SVFD Chief Larry Scott; learn more about wildlife visits to our sister Village; and much much more. The June Belcarra Barnacle is now available Click Here.

The May Belcarra Barnacle is out. Get caught up on all the local news in our sister Village - from fish and frogs, to trash and pick-up, a heartfelt farewell to Loyd Bussey and the continuing interview with retiring Fire Chief Larry Scott. (April 30, 2015) Click Here

1. City of Port Moody Heritage Designation Bylaw 2015, No. 3006 would provide long-term protection for six buildings known as the Belcarra South Cottages located in the City of Port Moody. (28-04-15) Click Here

Port Moody Moves to Protect the Belcarra South Cottages (27-03-15)
The Tri-City News reports that POMO heritage designation will save the Belcarra South Cottages from the Metro Vancouver wrecking ball. The temporary protection was to run out on May 8th. To link to an earlier article on this topic Click Here

April Belcarra Barnacle

April Belcarra Barnacle is Out - Did you Ever See a Spaghetti Tree? Click Here

Belcarra cottagers still fighting eviction (13-03-15)

On Tuesday, city council turned down a demolition permit application requested by Metro and instead slapped a protection order on the six Belcarra South cottages located in Port Moody. The protection order prevents demolition of the structures for 60 days. To link to the Tri-cities NOW Click Here

March 2015 Belcarra Barnacle (26-02-15)
The very excellent community newspaper, the Belcarra Barnacle for March is packed with local news including a recent tribute to retiring Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Larry Scott. A charter member of the Department, Chief Scott has left a legacy of leadership, comraderie, and reliability. To read the March issue Click Here

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