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This page was established on February 24, 2015. It will feature articles about our lovely BC Hydro Buntzen Lake Park and the community of Buntzen Bay.

Huh? (27-09-17)

Mystery Solved:
BC Hydro has announced a one day park closure between October 10 – 13, 2017. Please visit the BC Hydro Community Recreation closure listings at:

Beautiful Buntzen Lake - In Our Backyard! (17-04-17)

Beautiful Buntzen Lake provides us with abundant natural and recreational opportunities.

Culling the Trails at Buntzen Lake (14-04-17)
It has been a very long, cold, wet winter. Now the BC Hydro workers are trying to prepare the trails at Buntzen Lake to welcome the 700,000 visitors who come every year. We are ready to enjoy our wonderful walks in nature with family and friends. Thank you to everyone for your efforts on our behalf. We are so privileged to have this natural beauty in our backyard in the Village of Anmore.

BC Hydro Making Beautiful Buntzen Lake Park Ready for Us!

Stay Safe Dear Friends in Buntzen Bay!
Buntzen Lake road still closed today due to hazardous conditions.

Photo Credit Coquitlam Search and Rescue (Sunday, December 11, 2016)

Docks at the north and south picnic areas at Buntzen Lake are being replaced. (23-10-16)
Work will start around the beginning of December and will take approximately two to three weeks.

Buntzen Lake!  (21-08-16)

The name is probably more familiar than that of the village surrounding it, Anmore. Vancouver is awesome. (Robert White) Click Here

Body Found at Buntzen Lake (17-07-16)

Homicide team believes Coquitlam death a murder-suicide
A 22-year-old woman was found dead at Eagleridge Drive Friday, 2nd body recovered from Buntzen Lake Saturday. To link to the Tri-city News Click Here.

New Sign at the Entrance to the Buntzen Lake Equestrian Park Parking Area (05-06-16)

Buntzen Lake - A Popular Summer Destination in Metro Vancouver

"Buntzen Lake can get very busy, especially on sunny summer weekends. Even with roughly 600 parking spaces, once it’s full, their policy is to stop letting people in for safety reasons. If it’s a weekend or holiday and the weather is gorgeous, get to the lake before 11:00 (It has even been full at 10:30) so you can enjoy your day. That being said, sometimes they re-open the gate in the early afternoon – call the Warden’s office to check)." (23-05-16)To link Click Here

Leaping for Leap Year - Buntzen Lake Dog Park (29-02-16)

Buntzen Lake Hydro Road (04/01/16)

One of the Many Joys of Living in 'Anmore - Nature's Home!' (02-01-16)

Buntzen Lake access road affected by erosion. 

Work Underway at Buntzen Lake Park (03-11-15)

Liette Mowatt from Orlohma Beach took this incredible photo on the 20th of September 2015.

The Permanent Bridge over Buntzen Creek is Now Complete (14-09-15)

Further Progress on the Permanent Bridge over Buntzen Creek (26-08-15)

Work continues on a permanent bridge over Buntzen Creek (23-08-15)

Buntzen Creek Temporary Bridge

As work continues on the Buntzen Creek Bridge a temporary bridge serves immediate purposes. Photo courtesy Michelle Montico (20-08-15)

New bridge Replaces Collapsing Culvert over Buntzen Creek (16-08-15)

A very long truck load of wood for the temporary bridge entering Buntzen Bay Road
A very long truck load of wood for the temporary bridge entering Buntzen Bay Road

AUGUST 14, 2015 POWER HOUSE BRIDGE REPLACEMENT AT BUNTZEN LAKE. A temporary bridge is going in this morning.

Buntzen wildfire raises worries of a dry, hot summer. (01-06-15) To link to the Tri-city Now Click Here

Brush fire near Buntzen Lake human caused - Area where fire occurred out of bounds to public, says BC Hydro, meanwhile Coastal Fire Centre crews continue to monitor for hot spots (01-06-15) To link to the Tri-city News Click Here

Look What's In Our Back Yard! (13-05-15)

Going the Diez distance
Going the Diez distance

Going the Diez distance - "As a rookie preparing for this weekend's Diez Vista 50-kilometre trail run, Robinson has upped an already rigorous running routine to the point of aggravating some injuries, including the suspected hernia." (09-04-15) To link to the whole story Click Here

Keep your dog on a leash at Buntzen Lake Anmore -

The local Mounties recently responded to a number of complaints of dog owners walking dogs without a leash at Buntzen Lake Park. In one incident, the conflict between two people escalated to one person setting off a bear banger.

"Though dogs are allowed in the Buntzen Lake Park, they must be on a leash unless they are in the designated off-leash areas. There are two such areas in the park: one is a fenced off- leash dog park and the other is a dog off-leash trail," explained Corporal Jamie Chung. "

To reduce the number of conflicts between dog owners and other park users, we want everyone to obey the rule. Those who insist on walking their dogs without a leash outside of the designated areas are subjected to a $115 fine."

In addition to the $115 fine, dog owners who break the rule may be banned from entering the park. The duration of the ban depends on the seriousness of the incident.

Released by
Cpl. Jamie Chung (01-04-15)

Off-leash dog spat escalates at Buntzen  (01-04-15) To link to the Tri-cities NOW Click Here

Flooding at Buntzen Lake (30-03-15)

CLOSED: West Buntzen Trail, Floating Bridge, and Boat Launch

Buntzen Lake - In Our Backyard! (22-03-15)

Thank you to the Montico Family for Sharing (01-03-15)

I'm Late! I'm Late! For a Very Important Date! (26-02-15)

Learning from first hand experience, Buntzen Bay residents are cautious on Buntzen Lake Road, especially past the dog-leg heading to the community. The close-knit residents watch out for each other and insist on safety in and on the way to their community. The slideshow below tells a story about 'Why this is so'. To see photos of a recent near catastrophe for a Coquitlam RCMP member on an ATV on Buntzen Lake Road please scroll down the page.

Caution is Required When Driving in Rough Buntzen Lake Terrain

ATV hit the base of a tree 30' down the embankment

On Monday February 23rd the RCMP were training on ATVs on the Buntzen Lake Road. Residents of Buntzen Bay always exercise extreme caution and, with a steep drop-off on the left, hug the right-hand side of the primitive road to their community.

After a little confusion and receiving some lock assistance at the gate, two RCMP off-road vehicles took off down the Buntzen Lake Road towards 'Nirvana' when one ATV disappeared. Concerned residents, BC Hydro Buntzen Lake Park people, the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department, and other members of the RCMP began the search for the missing Mountie.

The ATV had jumped the left bank and hit a tree 30' down the slope. With the sound of the ATV engine still running, the missing Mountie was found, and rescued conscious and a little embarrassed to tell the story.

Other than injured pride, the Mountie driving the ATV lived to tell the tale. Please exercise extreme caution driving off-road vehicles in remote areas. Rescue can sometimes be very challenging.

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