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This page was established on July 13, 2014. It will highlight nature's treasures and emphasize the stewardship in our community. To link to the Sustainability page Click Here

Pick fruit if you don't want bears in your yard (13-08-18)
Coquitlam seeing more complaints about bears eating fruit as apples ripen. To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

Popular trails near Anmore (24-11-17)

Wood Buffalo National Park Among Most Threatened World Heritage Sites In North America (19-11-17)
The World Heritage Site is threatened by hydroelectic and oilsands development. Click Here

Griffin Andersen of Belcarra has launched the following appeal for donations of pet food and pet supplies in anticipation of the Christmas season. He has initiated a website to assist some local non-profits in an effort to fill the wish lists of charities he admires.

His next campaign will focus on a pet food and pet supplies drive, the proceeds of which will be distributed through the Coquitlam Animal Shelter's pet food bank. His website can be found

Griffin recently received some press from the Tri City News. You can read more here:

Please consider donating the items below as part of his efforts to fill the wish lists of some local non-profit organizations.  The focus of his winter campaign will be the Coquitlam Animal Shelter's pet food bank.  Donated items will be distributed to pet owners who may not be able to acquire pet supplies by any other means. Your donation could allow marginalized individuals and at-risk families to keep their animals. In some communities, the need may be less obvious but the reality is that it's not uncommon for someone with little means to feed their pet before themselves.

Perhaps you have pet food or supplies you no longer need. I am a high school student and long-time resident of Belcarra. I would be happy to pick up whatever food or supplies you can donate. Please contact Griffin Andersen at You can visit my website at to find out more.

  • sealed pet food - dog, cat and small pet
  • cat and dog treats
  • cat litter or litter boxes
  • first aid items
  •  toys - dog, cat, small pet
  • collars, harnesses, leashes
  •  dog coats
  • gently used pet beds
  • pet carriers/crates

(Courtesy: Brenda Parrish, 17-09-17)

"The full magnitude and huge breath of repercussions from what continues to unfold in province is hard to fathom. For those of us in regions not yet directly affected can help in so many ways by being supportive and loving to fire evacuees and others trying to get through the day. Without substantial rain, most of our province will remain tinder dry and any of our communities may be at risk. So this is serious on so many levels, Given these circumstances, what can we do? be prepared, empathize and lovingly help others cope, lobby for a post fire wildlife census beofre hunting licences are granted and support service organizations like ...what else?" (Source: We Love This Coast)

Cougar attacks dog in Port Moody! To link to the Tri-city News article (25-07-19) Click Here

Bearly There! (17-07-17)
Be Bear Aware Click Here
Anmore - At Home in Nature (12-06-17)

"Yesterday we were stunned to see this owl outside the kitchen window (near the pump house on Uplands). I snuck outside to see what it was watching.....she was watching her little Owlet who was jumping around the edge of our deck. The bears wandered through again yesterday, walked up the steps towards the front door this time!" (Shona Murray).

UN official warns of costly effects of climate-change for Environment Day on Monday, June 5, 2017. Click Here

Fabulous Tribute to Wild Salmon - 25th Annual Fingerling Festival
On Saturday, May 6, 2017, the Port Moody Ecological Society held its very special Fingerling Festival. "Yes, it’s been 25 years since we first started our bucket brigade, putting chum salmon into Noons Creek".

Over 70 environmental organizations and thousands of visitors celebrated the release of salmon into Noons Creek. "This iconic environmental festival, the largest of its kind in the Lower Mainland, provided an opportunity for children to help release thousands of young chum salmon into Noons Creek and to help these fish begin their four-year journey at sea, as well as to visit the hatchery with its fish-rearing pond and restored wetland."

Tri-City Greendrinks to host speaker Christopher Pollon

Program: Where is the Peace in Site C?
Where:  Gallery Bistro, 2411 Clarke Street, Port Moody  V3H 1Y9
When:  Thursday, April 20th, 2017
Time:  6:30 – 9:30 pm

Tri-City Greendrinks gathering on Thursday, April 20th features Vancouver-based independent journalist and author Christopher Pollon as guest speaker to provide background and information to lead our conversation about the Site C Dam. The Peace in Peril, Pollon’s first book, has been nominated for the George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature, and is shortlisted for the 2017 Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize.

The issue is the Site C Dam. This massive hydroelectric dam is slated to cross the Peace River and flood 55 square kilometers of the valley, home to farmers, First Nations and wildlife. This controversial $9 billion dollar is projected by government to create jobs, and by environmentalists to destroy ecosystems and farmland.

Last month, UNESCO released its report on the World Heritage Site - the protected Wood Buffalo National Park, stating, “The scale, pace and complexity of industrial development along the critical corridors of the Peace and Athabasca Rivers is exceptional and does not appear to be subject to adequate analysis to underpin informed decision-making and the development of matching policy, governance and management responses.” The full report can be found here,

Many in our community feel this is a critical issue for the upcoming provincial election. Join us as Pollon, who reports on the politics of natural resources, focusing on energy, mines and oceans, takes us on a tour of the Peace River.

Doors open at 6:30 pm at Port Moody’s Gallery Bistro. “My first experience was welcoming and thought provoking. It felt great adding to the conversation,” says Ben Glassen, a recent new member. Jacquie Boyer, a long-time member shares, “I am delighted they are now offering local beer and wine to complement superb speakers and interesting conversation.”

Established in 2008, Tri-City Greendrinks builds community by bringing people together to network, learn and share ideas about ‘green’ topics while having a drink and meal. Come along, listen, share your views if you like and you will be made welcome.

For more information:
Gallery Bistro: 604-937-0998
Sponsored by the Tri-City Green Council

Port Moody Mayor Mike Clay stated "Staff have just spotted a cougar near the trail behind the soccer field at the Recreation Complex (spotted around 11:45am on Sunday February 13). Please keep pets leashed and keep children near you. To read about Cougars at Wild Safe BC Click Here

Bears not hibernating, CO service warns Make sure you lock up your garbage and get rid of bird seed, record number of bears destroyed last year. To link to the Tricity News artcle Click Here

What: Tri-City Greendrinks: Our Moment of Power - Let's solarize our cities!

When: Thursday, Nov. 17th, 6:30-9:30 PM Where: Gallery Bistro, 2411 Clarke St, Port Moody, BC V3H 1Y9

Audience: Everyone! Force of Nature (FoN) is an environmental advocacy organization working in the Tri-Cities, Burnaby and Vancouver to promote alternative energy solutions. Most recently, FoN is working to ‘Solarize our Cities’ (starting in Port Moody!).

Cheryl Lewis will share their Moment of Power presentation about alternative energy. Come hear what FoN is doing and have a conversation about how you can help our cities (and ultimately our province/ country) become a climate leader.

There are several things municipalities can do to help make solar more affordable and accessible to consumers within their jurisdiction. A recent study by SPEC BC (Society Promoting Environmental Conservation) found that homeowners who choose to install solar panels on their properties are paying out thousands of dollars in order to navigate municipal permitting requirements.

Many jurisdictions including Toronto, Calgary, and Colwood, BC have addressed this by adopting an expedited permitting process. FoN is advocating for similar policies to be implemented across the Lower Mainland to benefit homeowners and stimulate market uptake of solar technology. Finally, FoN is inviting Lower Mainland municipalities to consider becoming Official Canadian Solar Cities.
The Canadian Solar Cities Project is a non-profit organization that recognizes Canadian communities for leadership in sustainable practices, with a focus on solar (

Come be a part of positive change. Dinner @ 6:30 pm Talk @ 7:00 pm The Gallery Bistro will feature a select menu, including a vegetarian meal (with meat option), as well as a lighter fare. Please call 604-937-0998 to reserve a meal and/or request gluten-free. Come scent-free to network, socialize and learn new things. We would love to meet you!

Italian Film Buffs Visit Anmore (08-09-16)

Several months ago Boris Migliore contacted Anmore Council members about his wish to visit Roxanne's House from the 1980s movie Roxanne which stared Daryl Hannah and Steve Martin and was filmed in Anmore. Council members told this big fan of the movie Roxanne that the home was privately owned and forwarded the request to the owners, Lynn Burton and Mario Piamonte.

The movie set which was built by Screen Gems for the movie was later transformed into the lovely Victorian-style home that now stands proudly on Sugar Mountain Way. On Thursday September 8th, Mr. Migliore, and a young Italian lawyer Luca Manca, completed a bucket list dream by visiting the Roxanne House.  They also had an awesome walk around the Energy Trail at Buntzen Lake.

Both Italian visitors gave the tour of the Roxanne House and the walk at Buntzen Lake a big 'thumbs up'. Thank you to Council members for making the connections.

Celebrating 40 years! (05-09-16)
"This September marks 40 years of stream stewardship and education at Mossom Creek Hatchery! It was the fall of 1976 that teachers Ruth Foster and Rod MacVicar embarked on a student project that would inspire 40 years of hands on environmental work by thousands of students and community volunteers." Click Here

Awesome! Look a cougar kitten came for lunch at Mossom Creek Hatchery. (25-07-16) Click Here

Something Fishy Here! (18-07-16)

Sea Shepherd Investigates Canadian Salmon Farms

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has teamed with Canadian biologist Alexandra Morton and actor/activist Pamela Anderson for Operation Virus Hunter, a new campaign investigating the lawfulness of the salmon farming industry in British Columbia.

Operation Virus Hunter, which begins this month in Vancouver, will see Morton travel on board Sea Shepherd’s Martin Sheen over the course of several weeks, tracing the major salmon migration route that stretches from mainland Vancouver to the north end of Vancouver Island. Click Here

Operation Virus Hunter: A Salmon PSA with Pamela Anderson
Sea Shepherd Chairman of the Board, actor/activist Pamela Anderson, cautions viewers about the dangers of eating farmed salmon. To view YouTube Click Here.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is teaming up with high-profile Canadian environmentalists and scientists to investigate the impact of salmon farms on the B.C. coast.

Actor-turned-activist Pamela Anderson, Vancouver environmentalist David Suzuki, First Nations leader Ernie Crey and marine biologist Alexandra Morton were at a news conference in Vancouver Monday to launch Operation Virus Hunter.To link to more in the Province Click Here

Eagle Mountain Middle School Students Invite You to Sign their Petition to Save the Endangered Red-Legged Frog
Letter to the Editors of the Tricity News: Protecting species at risk Pamela Zevit, a professional biologist from the South Coast Conservation Program (SCCP), spoke with students at Anmore’s Eagle Mountain middle school. (03-07-16) To read the letter Click Here

The Rivershed Society of BC is turning 20! Come celebrate two decades of achievement with us by attending our special 20th Anniversary AGM and Fraser River Sunset Dinner Cruise on Saturday, June 25th. Both events take place on the mighty Fraser River aboard the authentic 100-passenger MV Native Paddlewheeler, featuring engaging speakers and fun activities.

  • When: Saturday, June 25, 2016 (4pm AGM; 5:45pm Dinner Cruise)
  • Where: 900 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, BC V3M 6Z6 Website:
  • How: Please RSVP by June 23, 2016.
  • After the AGM, the Paddlewheeler will set sail at 6:00 PM sharp for the Fraser River Sunset Dinner Cruise, our trademark fundraiser for the Sustainable Living Leadership Program. Tickets are $75 each and include a full buffet dinner. Come and enjoy a 3-hour cruise, taking in the beauty of our surroundings from a unique water perspective. We would love to see you at one or both events!

The Tri-city News reports that opposition to building the David Avenue extension to Anmore may prove to be a stumbling block for IOCO property owners Brilliant Circle Group. (09-06-16)

Anmore Mayor John McEwen said "the extension will require a bridge over Mossom Creek, a delicate watershed and a tricky place to build given the steep grade, and the costs could put the property owners in a position to need higher density development in a village rarely keen to stray from its single-family acreage zoning.

Nothing can happen until the whole David connector gets resolved," McEwen said, adding a suggestion from Madsen's group to build a connector between Sunnyside and Strong roads would be strongly opposed. To link to the full Tri-city News article Click Here 

We're Baaaack!(25-05-16)
There are reports of bob cats or possibly juvenile cougars in the area around 3:00 a.m. on May 24th "it sounded like two bob cats fighting in our yard (on East Road, near Strong Road) for the second time in 3 weeks." Last year at this time 3 cougars were caught on the surveillance camera at Mossom Creek Hatchery. Click Here. Have you had recent visits from the large cats? For Tips on Coexistence with Cougars Click Here

Nature is Calling
Join the David Suzuki Foundation 30 x30 Challenge!
This May, the David Suzuki Foundation is challenging you and people around the world to join the 30Ã?30 Challenge by spending 30 minutes a day in nature for 30 days. Our goal is simple: to reconnect human beings with nature for the sake of their health and mental well-being. To register Click Here. And how was your walk in the woods today?

Hail and Then Rainbows on Sunday, April 24th in Anmore!

We love our bears in Anmore. To link to Youtube video Click Here A Message from the Village of Anmore About Bear Awareness Click Here (19-04-16)

Canoeing the Indian Arm (09-04-16) -
Surrounded by rivers and ocean and inlets, Vancouver is a city defined by water. To get just about anywhere requires a boat or a bridge, and all that water influences everything from our climate to our culture. And even though Vancouver is a large and densely urban city, it’s never all that hard to find wild spaces on the water. One such place we discovered is the nearby Indian Arm. Click Here

(07-04-16) There are several municipalities that will be hosting a rain barrel truck load sale this spring. The rain barrel sales are open to all residents - not just those in the particular municipality listed. Rain barrel truckload sales event locations can be viewed on the following link:

Black bear up from hibernation has a good back scratch in Anmore, B.C (04-04-16) To view on YouTube Click Here. To link to the CBC story with video Click Here.

Anmore Recycling Organics and Other Stuff

Recycling Organics and Other Stuff
(why it matters and what you need to know) Click Here
Anmore Environment Committee

Our Bear Necessities!

The Bear FaCTS. One of the things that makes Anmore so special is our natural environment. This includes the wildlife that live here. Our bears are particularly vulnerable. There are things we can to do to make Anmore safe, for us and our bears. To read the full article by the Anmore Environment Committee Click Here. Please do what you can to ensure that they do not meet the horrible fate of Cinnamon Bear and her triplets.

Our Anmore bears are out. Thank you to Meralee Guidi for the video. Click Here

B.C. residents in the dark about energy savings for Earth Hour 2016 (21-03-16)

(CTV photo)
B.C. Hydro did not release energy savings for Earth Hour 2016 because the event was too close to the change to Daylight Saving Time. For Metro News link Click Here

What Happened To Anmore Council Commitments to Tree Retention? (20-03-16)

"When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money!" Bella Terra Developers "take paradise and put up a parking lot". (Joni Mitchell). The location on a lot smaller than 1/4 acre at Eaglecrest and Sunnyside Roads, totally separate from the contiguous development, has been stripped of all trees for the Bella Terra Sales Centre.

Cougar Sighted in Port Moody (17-03-16)

A cougar sighting has been reported near Parkside Drive in Port Moody. If you're in the area, please stay alert, keep children near, and keep dogs leashed.

 In addition, please report all sightings of cougars directly to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-7277.

 For more information, including safety tips on how to respond when you encounter wildlife, please visit:
• The Provincial Conservation Officer Services Website:
• The WildSafe BC Program Website:

Lights out for an hour on Saturday Earth Hour is March 19 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Come on Anmore and Belcarra, we can do better!

Last year's campaign reduced the provincial electricity load by a mere 0.2% versus 1% in 2014 and 2% in 2008. Port Moody was the Tri-City leader, cutting energy by 1% — a move that directly resulted in cost savings. Coquitlam was close behind, cutting its load by 0.9% while Port Coquitlam came in at 0.7%. Both the villages of Anmore and Belcarra reduced their load by just half a percent. The top B.C. municipality in 2015 was Whistler at 7.2%. For more Click Here.

High Water at Buntzen Lake - Detours for Hikers (20-02-16)

The Great Backyard Bird Count is Here!
12 February 2016 – This weekend, join the tens of thousands of people worldwide taking part in the Great Backyard Bird Count between February 12-15. This free, fun, and family-friendly event engages birdwatchers of all ages and birding skill levels in counting birds to support bird conservation. Participating is easy, and it helps the birds! You can count for just 15 minutes on a single day, or for as long as you like on all four days.

Visit the website throughout the weekend to follow the count’s progress, share your photographs, learn more about bird identification, and view and explore the results in real time, as observations are submitted.
The Great Backyard Bird Count is a joint project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Audubon with Canadian partner Bird Studies Canada, and is supported in Canada by Armstrong Bird Food and Wild Birds Unlimited.

Port Moody Offers the Epitome of the West Coast Lifestyle (Much of it in Anmore). See the places in our back yard that BC Magazine thinks are extra special. (09-02-16) Click Here

HIGH AVALANCHE DANGER WARNING: Stormy weather on Thursday will cause new storm and wind slabs to form. These may release naturally during the storm and may overload buried persistent weak layers. Expect widespread loose wet activity below treeline. Click Here (Notice from SAR) (20-01-19) Click Here

Best Hiking trails in Anmore, British Columbia (Canada) (16-01-16) Click Here

Well Done Miranda Andersen! 
Mossom Creek Hatchery celebrated the gift of five thousand dollars thanks to 16 year old Mossom volunteer, Miranda Andersen. As the recipient of this year's national Youth Nature Inspiration Award from the Museum of Nature in Ottawa, Miranda was given $5K to pass along to the non-profit of her choice. She designated these funds to Mossom for nature education. To see her environmental films and other projects, check out her website: . Prepare to be impressed! By the way, Miranda was also recognized last month by Robert Bateman for her painting of a butterfly.

Anmore Council recently approved the Bella Terra steep slope, 27 small lot, luxury home development in Blue Listed endangered Red-legged Frog habitat. The Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk - Now Accepting Proposals for 2016-2017 - letter of intent deadline in 2 days, December 18, 2015. Priority landscapes that have been targeted by the Species at Risk Stream include:
  • the Garry oak (Quercus garryana) ecosystem of southern Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and Fraser Valley of British Columbia, which is home to more than 20 species at risk nationally Click Here
As efforts are made to save the Red Listed North American bumblebee, Anmore Bella Terra developers have approval from Anmore Council to build in the habitat of Blue Listed Endangered Red-legged Frog protected by Frog Watch BC Click Here. Anmore Creek crosses the site of this 27 mostly 1/3 acre lot steep slope development, not once, but twice.

Announcing a new website developed by young environmental film maker, Miranda Andersen. is "a beautiful website with simple, useful lesson plans as well as Miranda's award-winning films, her blog and more". Please take a visit. Its mission statement: 'To foster and inspire environmental consciousness among youth by embracing nature and the challenges of preserving it.' (19-10-15)

Nature's Stewards Needed -
Endangered Northern Red-Legged Frog makes the proposed 27 1/3 acre Luxury Bella Terra Development Its Home

Ann Marie Oktaba, left, an Anmore resident, and Tamsin Baker of the South Coast Conservation Program are encouraging people to become nature stewards of their back yards.

Be a nature steward of your back yard Tri-Cities properties that back on to forests, creeks or rivers are sought for conservation program. (07-10-15) To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

Proposed Bella Terra Steep Slope Development in the Home of the Endangered Red-Legged Frog
Anmore Council will be considering a revised Bella Terra steep slope development proposal on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. This property is home to the Northern Red-legged Frog which is protected under the British Columbia Wildlife Act. Northern Red-legged Frogs have declined in some parts of their range due to habitat degradation and loss from agriculture, urban development and forestry. Competition from introduced Green Frogs, Bullfrogs and predatory fish is also a factor. Northern Red-legged Frogs are nationally listed as Special Concern by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) and they are on the provincial Blue List...

Under the Identified Wildlife Management Strategy of the Forest Practices Code, Wildlife Habitat Areas can be established for important breeding habitats. Scientists are studying the effects of forestry practices on Northern Red-legged Frogs. To link to more information Click Here

Breakfast for Bruins
Noons Creek Hatchery in Port Moody has been visited by bears recently, attracted by the salmon. Be bear aware and keep your dogs leashed. (06-10-15)

Use caution driving through Metro Vancouver's Belcarra park.(13-09-15)

Wildlife alert: use caution driving through Metro Vancouver's Belcarra park. Dangerously cute newts on the road. Help them make it across safely. (Source: Coquitlam SAR)

Welcome to Anmore - Nature's Home (26-08-15)
Buntzen Lake, Sasamat Lake, Belcarra Park, Deep Cove (by water) and wildlife all within a short ride from the Village Hall. Are we fortunate, or what?

The Munch Bunch on Sunnyside Road Near Ludlow's Corner (16-08-15)

Aug 8th, 8:50pm - HEADS UP FOLKS!

Kristi Albanese reports that "around 10 pm on Saturday there were 2 cougars spotted laying on the sidewalk on Crystal Creek. Spotted by a friend of mine coming to my house. They scurried to the forest once the car lights hit them. Just wanted to give everyone an FYI." (likeness photo)

BEWARE OF BEAR (10-08-15)
New warning sign in the parking lot at Buntzen Lake
New warning sign in the parking lot at Buntzen Lake
The path leading to the Buntzen Bay Road
The path leading to the Buntzen Bay Road

Port Moody says No to farmed salmon
Port Moody says No to farmed salmon. Will Anmore and Belcarra be Next? (06-08-15) To link to the Tri-cities NOW Click Here

7 beautiful summer lakes near Vancouver you have to visit - Includes Sasamat Lake. (30-07-15) To link to the VanCity Buzz Click Here

Help Protect our Wildlife
It doesn't matter whether you live in an urban, remote, or metropolitan area, there is always wildlife around. Unfortunately with the recent drought like conditions it has drawn animals closer to where we live. We have to take special precautions to make sure that our animals will stay safe and that we take the time to clear any significant attractants away from our household. Some things to consider especially in around your backyard etc. try and make sure that you do the following:

1) Pick all ripe fruit, vegetables, berries etc. that are around your property.
 2) Have a high enough fenced in backyard with a closed gate so that it is harder to wildlife to enter.
 3) Prune areas of brush that are thick so that you can see if there are any animals lurking around your property for instance bears, cougars, coyotes, skunks, raccoons and so on. Some people will leave the thick brush around, and sometimes you need to take that extra precaution and clear away the excess brush so that you can see properly.
 4) Watch for recent wildlife activity, even in your own yard... This includes overturned rocks, ripped open logs, rubbing on trees, scat, areas where there maybe clusters of leaves which could indicate fresh kill, animal tracks etc.
 5) Install a light that is motion sensor so that you're able to see or notice if there is any wildlife in your yard or surrounding area.
 6) Make sure that you put out garbage on the day of collection, and not prior.
 7) Keep bird feeders on the top floor, so that it is out of the reach of coyotes, bears, cougars, and other wildlife
 8) Keep dog food in during wildlife season... Raccoons, bears, coyotes are a few examples of animals that like this.
 9) Make sure that your barbeque is squeaky clean from any meat, or food scraps
 10) Keep all scented products away from the outside of your place
 11) Keep a screen door on your door so that you don't have unwanted visitors
 12) Ensure that your dogs and/or cats have a magnetized door entry system so that only they can come in, and there are not unwanted visitors.

World of British Columbia via Global BC (28-07-15)

Red Listed endangered Bumble Bee
Red Listed endangered Bumble Bee
Blue Listed endangered Red-Legged Frog
Blue Listed endangered Red-Legged Frog
As efforts are made to save the Red Listed North American bumblebee, Anmore Bella Terra developers propose to disturb the habitat of Blue Listed Endangered Red-legged Frog protected by Frog Watch BC (20-07-15) Click Here. 

Did You Know? Metro Vancouver Regional Parks (19-07-15)
•provide habitat for black bears, mountain lions, black widow spiders and rough-skinned newts.
•are a stopover for over 1.2 million Western sandpipers migrating south in the fall.
•have a total area of 145km2 which is bigger than the entire city of Vancouver (115km2).
•sees over 10 million visits each year.
•are seasonally home for birds ranging in size from tiny hummingbirds (wingspan 4-5 inches) to bald eagles (winspan 6-7 feet).
•have old growth Douglas-fir and Grand fir trees.
•provide a place to walk that is proven to reduce levels of stress hormones and lower blood pressure.
•are home to Hollywood frogs. Listen for them the next time you watch a movie - you're sure to hear the Pacific Chorus Frog.

Bobcat at Mossom Creek (16-07-15) Check out the surveillance video of a bobcat walking past the hatchery early yesterday carrying breakfast. To link to Youtube video Click Her e

Level 4 drought declared for South Coast and Lower Fraser
'Extremely dry' conditions mean water managers may soon bring in tighter restrictions. To link to the CBC article Click Here

Giant hogweed: Everything you need to know about the toxic plant. (14-07-15) To link to the Independent Click Here 

Air Quality Advisory in Effect! (05-7-15)
Metro Vancouver has issued an Air Quality Advisory for Metro Vancouver because of high concentrations of fine particulate matter, due to smoke from wildfires outside our region.
Persons with chronic underlying medical conditions should postpone strenuous exercise until the advisory is lifted. Staying indoors and in air conditioned spaces helps to reduce fine particulate exposure. Exposure is particularly a concern for infants, the elderly and those who have diabetes, and lung or heart disease. This advisory is expected to continue until there is a change in the current weather. Click Here

Bear Butt Currently in Anmore (24-06-15)

Look who came for breakfast this morning, Wednesday, June 24th, around 6:00 am on Thomson Road. Thank you for the photo Andrew Robertson. Global tv asks "Has anyone in BC's bear country witnessed something like this?" Who needs a guard dog when you have a cat that can scare off wildlife? Click Here

Noxious Knotweed (19-06-15)

Find out where it's sprouting in Canada and what to do if you spot the menacing leaves. Click Here

Transit Friendly Hikes (18-06-15)

The Best Transit-Friendly Hikes Near Vancouver by Vancouver Trails includes Diez Vistas / Buntzen Lake. Are you one of those outdoor enthusiasts that depend on transit? Well these are some suggestions of hikes that you can take that are fairly close to transit, so even you, can enjoy the hikes.

Diez Vistas / Buntzen Lake. "Located east of Vancouver, the Buntzen Lake area has a number of hikes, including the scenic Diez Vistas Trail that pass along the western mountains that offer scenic views of Indian Arm. After an initial uphill climb, the hike descends gradually along the Diez Vistas route before going right and reaching a suspension bridge at the north end of Buntzen Lake. After a rest at the beach near the suspension bridge, walk back along the Buntzen Lake trail to the crowded area of the park, where you can get the bus back home." To link to the article in Vancouver Trails Click Here

Roundup weedkiller banned from French garden centres over 'probable' link to cancer (15-06-15) Click Here

Lawn Sprinkling Regulations for Anmore

(11-06-15)For information on the 2015 Metro Vancouver Lawn Sprinkling Regulations please click on the link:

Anmore - Nature's Home!
Possible Oregon Forest Snail

"Anmore - Nature's Home" is home to the endangered Red-Legged Frog and our little friend possibly the Oregon Forest Snail. Environmentalist Ann Marie Oktaba was excited to see this little critter on Academy Trail today just a few feet in from the Anmore Utility Yard late last week. Likewise, at the same time, the snail, possibly the Oregon Forest Snail, was photographed by Lynn Burton on the road near the Energy Trail at Buntzen Lake.

Red-leg Frog

What are we doing to protect God's vulnerable creatures in our verdant forests and precious creeks? "There are currently over 260 endangered plant and animal species living in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.  However, as our human population continues to grow, the natural areas and the species they support are correspondingly shrinking.  Stewardship is a proactive way that we can help maintain the environment’s diversity, and consequently, its ability to adapt to the pressures of change we are imposing on it."

Western Screech Owl

The South Coast Conservation Program is offering landowners in the Tri-Cities area free property tours this year.  Upon request, a knowledgeable representative will visit each property, provide expert information about what makes the property ecologically unique, and offer tips for improving habitat for native plants and wildlife.  Landowners may be pleasantly surprised to find out that an endangered animal may also be using their backyard as a home. To find out more information and read the media release Click Here

Feeding Hummingbirds by Hand

You’ll get a real thrill when you learn the five steps to feeding hummingbirds by hand! (31-05-15)To find out how Click Here

Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline rejected by Tsleil-Waututh First Nation. Band says pipeline expansion represents 'unacceptable risks' to its culture, environment 927-05-15) Click Here

The Honourable MP Finn Donnelly -
Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk
Great to see your support for the Mossom Creek Hatchery at their Open House on Saturday May 23rd the Honourable 'Mr. Salmon' and DFO Fisheries Critic MP Finn Donnelly (2nd from left). Your ongoing efforts on behalf of the fish and the environment are greatly appreciated.

BOB (Big Ol' Bear) is Back!
Guess Who Came to Lunch on Summerwood Lane on Sunday? (24-05-15)

Cougars are Still About (20-05-15)
A cougar was sighted today on the Buntzen Bay Road near the BC Hydro dam. Please be careful. (Global tv photo)

Green bin buffet adds to 'perfect storm' for bears (14-05-15) For Tri-city News article Click Here

Big Court Win for Wild Salmon!

"On May 6, 2015 The Honourable Mr. Justice Rennie handed down the decision that DFO has been unlawfully allowing the salmon farming industry to transfer farmed salmon into marine net pens that are carrying diseases with the potential to 'severely impact' the wild fishery at an international level [72].

He ruled that DFO is abdicating its legal responsibility to protect and conserve wild fish by handing off decisions about transferring fish with diseases to the salmon farming industry [83].

Most BC farmed salmon are infected with piscine reovirus.  Many scientists in Norway have published research showing that piscine reovirus causes the disease, HSMI, which is known to damage salmon hearts to the point that fish can barely move." To link to the full story Click Here


Early this morning, as our caretaker was opening our top school gate, he had a peaceful encounter with a pair of cougars, one full-sized female and a second, smaller adolescent one. Our school does exist in a natural setting but still, sightings like this are very rare.

In response to this sighting, we contacted both the RCMP and the Conservation Report Line as they keep track of local sightings. You may have seen me at the top of our access driveway this morning, ensuring that all students were walking in groups as they headed to school. Our morning announcements covered safety protocol with all of our students and now we are informing you as parents. We do not want to alarm you, as the cougars were long gone from the area when students arrived, but by sharing the information below, excerpted from the BC Ministry of the Environment website, we are recommending family awareness and informed conversations at home so that our students can still enjoy the benefits of walking to/from school.

From the Ministry of the Environment: Safety Guide to Cougars
CHILDREN AND COUGARS. Cougars seem to be attracted to children, possibly because of their high-pitched voices, small size and erratic movements; these character traits may make it difficult for cougars to identify children as humans and not prey.

Talk to your children and teach them what to do if they encounter a cougar. Children playing outdoors should play in-groups. Children shouldn't be left unsupervised. Consider getting a dog or using a dog as an early warning system. A dog can see, smell and hear a cougar sooner than a human.Make sure children are home before dusk and stay indoors until after dawn - the period of time cougars are most active.

COUGAR SIGHTINGS. Remain calm. The cougar was likely just passing through the neighbourhood and will hopefully move on.
Keep away from the cougar and tell others to do the same.
Bring children and pets inside until the cougar has left.
Determine if the cougar has been in the area for while. Are you aware of any pets disappearing in or missing from the neighbourhood?

The disappearance of household pets can be an indicator that a cougar is active in a residential area. Phone the Call Centre (1-877-952-7277) if you suspect that a cougar is hanging around in a residential neighbourhood or killing pets. If the cougar becomes threatening or aggressive towards people phone the Call Centre.

Determine if the cougar has been attracted to the location or is in the locale as a result of household type attractants being present. If any attractants are noted get information from the Ministry on how to eliminate or reduce the effect of the attractant(s). I.E. Bird feed attracting squirrels (prey species). Cougars are not to be fed. It is an offence under the Wildlife Act to feed dangerous wildlife.

COUGAR ENCOUNTERS. The following are guidelines in the event that you do encounter a cougar: Stay calm and keep the cougar in view. Pick up children immediately - children frighten easily, the noise and movements they make could provoke an attack. Back away slowly, ensuring that the animal has a clear avenue of escape. Make yourself look as large as possible. Keep the cougar in front of you at all times.

Never run or turn your back on a cougar. Sudden movement may provoke an attack. If a cougar shows interest or follows you, respond aggressively. Maintain eye contact with the cougar, show your teeth and make loud noise. Arm yourself with rocks or sticks as weapons. Crouch down as little as possible when bending down to pick up things off of the ground. If a cougar attacks, fight back. Convince the cougar you are a threat and not prey. Use anything you can as a weapon. Focus your attack on the cougar's face and eyes.

Nancy Bennett
Eagle Mountain Middle

Ta’kaiya Blaney is 13 years old from Sliammon First Nation, British Columbia, Canada.   She has been an environmental activist since she was 8 years old, and is well known for her public speaking at gatherings, rallies, and the United Nations. Her singing, songwriting, and acting reflect her concern for the future of the planet, especially the preservation of marine and coastal wildlife. In addition to her environmental activism, she advocates for Indigenous Peoples’ rights internationally. (03-05-15) To view video Click Here.

3 little bears find home at Langley animal shelter (28-04-15) Click Here

Metro Vancouver Recycles -
Metro Vancouver Recycles helps residents and businesses find places to donate or recycle just about everything. (28-04-15) For more information Click Here.

The Georgia Straight Pokes Fun at Prime Minister Harper's Visit to Local Hatchery. "Caption the Political Photo: Stephen Harper visits a salmon stream in Port Moody". (26-04-15) To read the captions Click Here

Port Moody researchers uncover secrets of Barrow's goldeneye - But these determined individuals had a more serious task. They were heading toward Best Point, across from the Buntzen Powerhouse in Anmore, where a flock of Barrow’s goldeneye ducks was expected to be feeding on herring spawn, mussels and other sea creatures (26-04-15) To link to the tri-city News article Click Here

The Bears are on the Prowl in Anmore(22-04-15)

Wild-Fire Danger

There was a fire yesterday at Buntzen lake on the Diez Vistas trail, spotted & reported from the water on Indian arm & from Deep Cove. Probably human caused either a camp fire or a cigarette. The forest is dry, we're supposedly expecting a very, very hot summer. Please put out the word to Anmore residents about the danger!

Michele Montico, Editor Belcarra Barnacle (21-04-15)

Earth Day 2015
Healthy Watersheds, Healthy People: Ecosystem Services & Human Well-Being.
Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable 
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT)
Coquitlam, BC

The free evening presentation by ecologist Dr. Craig Orr is starting to fill up, if you want to ensure a spot, please register Click Here

Getting creative for Earth Day!
Getting creative for Earth Day!

Come out on Earth Day - April 22- at Coquitlam City Hall from 4pm - 8pm to be a part of the next BIG canvas!

Mossom Creek Hatchery Gets an Important Visitor today
Mossom Creek Hatchery Gets an Important Visitor today
The Mossom Creek Hatchery had a special visitor today - Prime Minister Stephen Harper. said, "We're very glad to see the hatchery getting back to business!" (City of Port Moody)

MAN - a man in nature and the environment surrounding. To view video (07-04-15) Click Here

Earth Hour: B.C. saves equivalent of turning off 680,000 LED lights. Once again Whistler tops the list! We can do better Anmore (31-03-15) Click Here

Bears are waking up so take care of your garbage and green waste ..."Under the B.C. Wildlife Act, homeowners, business owners and even condo stratas could get $230 fines if garbage or other attractants are left out, and for repeat offenders, it could get costly — up to $575. Coquitlam has a similar $500 fine for garbage scofflaws but will focus first on education with warnings for first-time offenders, who promise to clean up their act." (24-03-15) Click Here

Nesting season for most birds (18-03-15)

March 1 to July 31 is nesting season for most birds. It is the City of Port Moody's policy to restrict any tree and brush clearing during this time. If tree removal during the bird-nesting season is unavoidable, you must have a nest survey performed by a qualified environmental professional if you live in Port Moody. 

**SAVE THE DATE** Thursday, March 26th, 6:30-9:00 pm Gallery Bistro Port Moody Tri-City Greendrinks presents Affordable Housing: How do we address this growing crisis in the Tri-Cities?

Purpose-built but aging rental apartment units in the Tri-Cities is currently the most acute aspect of a much larger problem of ‘housing unaffordability’ for low and moderate income households in the Metro Vancouver region. Aging rental apartments are at risk of being redeveloped as land values rise with the inevitable densification that is coming as Metro Vancouver grows. Redevelopment is currently occurring near the Burquitlam Skytrain Station, where developers have purchased two properties representing almost 10% of the Tri-Cities purpose-built rental stock. One site, being redeveloped by BlueSky Properties at 655 North Road and 515-525 Foster Avenue, will see 112 rental units currently affordable to low–moderate income households, replaced by 57 units in a 5-storey building along with condominium towers and townhomes. The rents for the 57 new units will be considerably more expensive than current rates.

Please join us for an evening of intimate ‘table discussions,’ facilitated by some of our communities’ finest advocates. For more event details Click Here

Japanese cherry trees honour WWII Vets

In the early 1930s the mayors of both Kobe and Yokohama presented the Vancouver Park Board with 500 Japanese cherry trees for planting at the Japanese cenotaph in Stanley Park honouring Japanese Canadians who served in WWII. Since the donation, Vancouver continued to plant ornamental cherry trees because of their beauty and small size. They have been a part of Vancouver scenery for over 60 years. (Nahani Willis)

Mossom Creek hatchery in Port Moody nearing completion (13-03-15) To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

Coquitlam mayor Richard Stewart explains that "the European Chafer Beetle (Rhizotrogus majalis) has become a serious infestation across Metro Vancouver since 2001 when this invasive species was introduced in New Westminster. This past year was particularly bad in our area. (11-03-15)

The beetle eats the roots of lawn, which leaves the grasses somewhat easy to lift. And for that reason, animals like crows, raccoons and skunks are then able to roll back your lawn to feast on the white larvae. The adult stage of the beetle's life is very short -- about a week or two -- during which time they mate, with the females laying 20 - 40 eggs a half-inch under your lawn in late Spring. The larvae then feed on the roots for the rest of the year.
 This afternoon I decided to rake up about ten square meters of a particularly infested part of our lawn, where I found more than 1000 of the white larvae that are the target for crows and raccoons who are digging up our community's lawns.

There really isn't a 100% effective treatment for these pests. The most common treatment is the application of "nematodes", a biological control that appears to be 60 - 70% effective. It only works if applied during a very short window in late July, and watered-in well for a week or two.

There are chemical controls as well, but they also appear to be about 60 - 70% effective, and are not permitted in most areas of the Lower Mainland because of their harmful environmental effects.

A healthier lawn is the main suggested remedy -- deep roots and a strong fertilizer program. Many residents are opting to replacing larger infested lawn areas with other types of plants, including food crops, vegetable gardens, etc." Click Here

Science World Click Here

The Province Click Here

Coquitlam River Watershed February eNews (04-03-15) Click Here

British Columbia is the kingdom of abundance. Where glaciated mountains stand over an unruly Pacific. Rainforests wrap cities. Nature shapes culture. The wild breathing life back into the wild within. Click Here

Location list:
0:10 – Evans Lake, Valhalla Provincial Park
0:18 – Campbell Creek near Kamloops
0:22 – Bobby Burns Creek, Bugaboo Provincial Park
0:25 – Naikoon Provincial Park, Haida Gwaii
0:30 – North Beach, Naikoon Provincial Park, Haida Gwaii
0:33 – Tofino
0:41 – Columbia Flats, East Kootenays
0:48 – Osoyoos
0:49 – Blue Mountain Vineyard
0:53 – Purcell Mountains
0:55 – Mount Nimbus via ferrata
0:58 – Takakkawa Falls, Yoho National Park
1:00 – Bugaboo Spire, Bugaboo Provincial Park
1:06 – Tofino and Ucluelet area
1:14 – Devil’s Range, Valhalla Provincial Park
1:19 – Duncan Lake, West Kootenays
1:23 – Avatar Grove, Pacheedant Village
1:26 – Near Golden
1:29 – Mulvey Lake, Valhalla Provincial Park
1:32 – Sombrio Beach near Port Renfrew
1:36 – Little Glacier Creek
1:42 – Chesterman Beach, Tofino
1:44 – Barkley Sound
1:46 – Pigeon and Snowpatch Spires, Bugaboo Provincial Park
1:49 – Naikoon Provincial Park
1:51 – Tofino and Ucluelet area
1:53 – Idaho Peak
1:54 – Spotted Lake near Osoyoos
1:58 – Whistler
2:00 – Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park
2:02 – Potato Ridge
2:04 – Duncan Lake
2:11 – Great Bear Rainforest
2:14 – Arrow Lakes Provincial Park
2:16 – Langara Island, Haida Gwaii
2:18 – Howser Tower, Bugaboo Provincial Park
2:23 – Sombrio Beach near Port Renfrew
2:25 – Salmon Glacier
2:27 – Mount Nimbus via ferrata
2:29 – Vancouver
2:34 – Barkley Sound
2:44 – North of Tofino
2:47 – Pacheedaht Village, Vancouver Island
2:49 – Crown Mountain near Vancouver
2:59 – Spear Spire, Bugaboo Provincial Park

Great news to share!  Thanks to Port Moody Councillor Rick Glumac’s motion, Port Moody Council passed the Municipal Declaration on Feb 10, 2015.  A declaration which recognizes that every Canadian has the right to a healthy environment, clean air, water and safe food as well as a leadership in building a sustainable community for our future.  Burnaby also passed the declaration on Feb 16!

The momentum is getting stronger within the Tri-Cities and we welcome everyone to attend this free event and learn more about the Blue Dot Movement.  

Location:  March 5 Event - Douglas College – David Lam Campus (Lecture Theatre Room A1470)


Two short films will be presented:

David Suzuki Blue Dot explains what the municipal declaration will mean to Canadians.
We Rise Up is a documentary about climate justice on Burnaby Mountain.

We are also very excited to announce the following speakers.  Topics will include: Climate Change, Cities and our Future, Riversheds and our Ecosystems.  

Gaetan Royer will discuss livable cities and ways our communities can support clean renewable energy today and in the future.  Gaetan will also briefly touch on how cities are currently not being recognized as an actual level of government in the Canadian Constitution.

Carolyn Quirt is from the Richmond Blue Dot Community.  Richmond, BC passed the municipal declaration on Oct 14, 2014.  On behalf of the Richmond community, Carolyn will talk about their experiences and the progress they have made so far with the municipal declaration.

Siobhan Ashe is an instructor at Douglas College and on the board of directors of the Rivershed Society (RSBC).  Siobhan will discuss the importance of ecosystems and riversheds in our communities as well as issues affecting the Fraser River.  Siobhan will also provide more information about the Sustainable Living Leadership Program (SLLP)

Please RSVP Here:

Richmond, Victoria, Vancouver Port Moody and now Burnaby have passed the Municipal Declaration of Environmental Rights.  Soon, other British Columbia Municipalities will join.

"Port Moody joins the Blue Dot movement (16-02-15) - Port Moody has declared its residents have the right to live in a healthy environment, joining several other cities in the Blue Dot campaign to enshrine that right in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The campaign, led by the David Suzuki Foundation, calls on citizens to band together and lobby their municipality to pass declarations as Port Moody did at Tuesday's council meeting. It's hoped that when enough communities join the campaign, provincial and territorial governments will be compelled to follow suit with environmental bills of rights." To read more about the Blue Dot Campaign scroll below. To link to the Tricity News article Click Here

"What's more important than the right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water and eat healthy food?"(Dr. David Suzuki)

85% of Canadians believe that we should have a right to a healthy environment. Like the tiny hummingbird, it all starts with us. (09-02-15) To link to Dr. David Suzuki and the Blue Dot municipal challenge Click Here

Beautiful Buntzen Lake (09-02-15)

Orca's west coast Canada - Tummy Rubs for Orcas (03-02-15)

An encounter with northern resident orcas has given an amateur videographer a gift he will never forget. He was able to capture rare footage of the strikingly marked marine mammals rubbing themselves on beach stones in B.C.'s Discovery Islands. Click Here

Mushroom Madness in Anmore (02-02-2015)

It's that time of year folks! To read an article all about collecting mushrooms by Anmore resident Andrew Robertson Click Here

City of Vancouver Food Strategy: What Feeds Us? (27-01-15)

Launched in January 2013, the City of Vancouver’s Food Strategy represents the culmination of over ten years of policy, planning and community organizing towards the creation of a healthy, just and sustainable food system. None of this would be possible without the creativity and dedication of countless individuals, community groups, and local businesses. This video highlights some key areas that have made a big impact in Vancouver. To get involved, visit To link to the YouTube video Click Here.

Bambi in Anmore - Nature's Home (18-01-15)

January 1st, 2015 - Food Waste must be separate from Garbage

As of January 1st , 2015 Metro Vancouver is implementing new rules to encourage residents to separate food waste from regular garbage.Click HERE to view the maildrop.

Coquitlam River Watershed - Celebrating 2014 - Thank you to all those who participated in, and contributed to, the Roundtable in 2014... We appreciate all the assistance and expertise from the Roundtable members, partners, funders and the community. Here is a video celebrating 2014 Click Here

This Sunday December 21st, Mossom Creek Hatchery is hosting a Holiday Open House from 10:30am - 1:30pm. (300 Ioco Road Port Moody, B.C. - Off IOCO Road before long curve to First Avenue) To link to the Tri-city News article

Local salmon hatchery rises from the ashes. (11-12-14) Click Here

The Climate Change
Performance Index
Results 2015

The Climate Change Performance Index published annually by Germanwatch and CAN Europe evaluates and compares the climate protection performance of 58 countries who are collectively responsible for most of the world’s CO2 emissions. Once again, Canada ranks among the world’s worst climate change offenders. The report states “In Canada nothing has changed and nothing is going forward at state level. Canada is about to miss its 2020 emissions reduction target by about 20% and the only effective policies in place are provincial initiatives.”
The only industrialized country that is worse than Canada is Australia, who has also been criticized on the global stage at the UN Climate Summit in Lima, Peru. To link to the report Click Here

B.C. wildfire risk to soar with climate change says report (07-12-14)
Government report warns B.C. faces many more out of control forest fires due to climate change. Click Here

Metro Vancouver asks you to create Memories, Not Garbage (04-12-14) Click Here

"A crisp sunny afternoon stop at Noons Creek hatchery yielded this moment of bonding with Nature. Noons Creek Dancer - Noons Creek, in Port Moody, British Columbia, has a thriving community hatchery raising salmon. These Salmon return from the Pacific to spawn in the creek and wildlife attempt to feed on the fish and theirs eggs. Here an American Dipper bird dips into water just above freezing and gathers a free feed of Chum Salmon eggs." (Neil Laffra) To link to the YouTube video Click Here

NDP demands audit of Multi-Material BC. (26-11-14) To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

Ontario to restrict use of pesticide linked to bee deaths (25-11-14) Click Here.

How do you Decide when you aren't sure about the inherent risks? Click Here

Fiery speeches on Burnaby Mountain to Kinder Morgan protesters

David Suzuki in front of his grandson (grey sweater)

David Suzuki gives fiery speech on Burnaby Mountain to Kinder Morgan protesters "My grandson was dragged across the line and was arrested! I'm disappointed and it grieves me because of the respect we have for you!" Suzuki shouted. Click Here

David Suzuki's grandson Tamo Campos' speech after his arrest for protesting Kinder Morgan Click Here

Congratulations to Jay Peachy on another fun Fish Fest (28-09-14)

2013 Reported Bear and Cougar Sightings in Anmore

24 Black Bears
3 Cougars

Would you have guessed that the bear-sighting capital of B.C. is Coquitlam? See how municipalities rank Click Here

Bear With Me - A Story in Photos by 'Curious J'

Young photographer Justin Parrish has been a contributor to the Anmore Alternative News since the beginning six years ago. He's not so young anymore. Thank you 'Curious J'.

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