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This page was set up on March 10, 2015. Messages about and from the School District, trustees, and schools, including Anmore Elementary, Eagle Mountain Middle School, and Heritage Woods Secondary School.

8 things to know for back-to-school in SD43 (04-08-18)
Meetings, traffic, curriculum changes among the issues coming up. To link to the Tri-city News Click Here

Message from Kerri Palmer-Isaak (23-08-18) Click Here

Anmore and Belcarra SD-43 School Trustee Kerri Palmer-Isaac (2nd from right) went to China again - "CUPE 561 worried about conflict of interest, calls for more transparency on China trips". (18-06-18) To link to the Tri-city News Click Here

School district waiting for next steps on sewer issue (07-06-18)
Officials confirm that report recommends hooking up to sewer and will allow access if necessary. To link to the Tri-city News article Click He re

$500,000 for school recycling program
SD43 expects to get the money back with savings in waste costs (22-05-18) Source: Tri-city News Click Here

Anmore Council is a 'No Show' at Eagle Mountain Parent Advisory Committee Meeting on May 1, 2018 to try and resolve to the school yard  septic contamination problem. To link to the meeting agenda and the various group representatives trying to find a solution to this more than quarter century problem Click Here

Pink Shirt Day and SD43 approaches to bullying Click Here
(Photo credit: Tri-city News)

SD43 has done all it could: treasurer (25-01-18)
School District 43 is taking issue with a report that blames Anmore Green’s septic failure on the cutting of a slope to make way for Eagle Mountain middle school and a lack make way for Eagle Mountain middle school and a lack of effort on the district’s part to resolve the situation. For link to Tri-city News Click Here

Jan. 23, 2018
School Trustee Update
Happy New Year!
We have had a busy end of 2017 and 2018 is getting off to a great start.

I wanted to update Villagers on a couple of items I have been filling up my email.

1. Catchment areas and programs of choice.
The Supreme Court of Canada ruling last year mandated districts in the province to a reduce class size and class composition. In SD43 we did a large wave of hiring to meet this requirement and now we have had to focus on space. The end result of this process is that there will be more classes with smaller numbers of students. Spaces have been modified, daycares / preschools relocated programs of choice (French Immersion) moved. We still have space and capacity in a number of our schools throughout the district, these changes impacted schools that were at capacity.To address areas that were at capacity we had to look at catchment changes and portables. I am very happy to say that through the help of the Village of Anmore staff and Council we were able to locate 2 portables at Eagle Mountain Middle and we no longer requiring a catchment change for Pleasantside and Aspenwood.

2. Fencing and Signage at Eagle Mountain
The other item I am getting number of questions about is the fencing and signage around Eagle Mountain regarding contamination. Student health and safety is our area of concern. The area is fenced and emails have been sent to all parents for students at Heritage and Eagle Mountain asking them to remind family members to stay out of the marked areas. SD43 is in contact with the Ministry of the Environment and we are hoping that a solution will be reached soon. SD43 has expressed its willingness to work with all parties.

3. New Moody Middle
I am very excited to let families know that the new Moody Middle will be opening in the next couple of months. Moody Middle is a School of the Arts and offers Late French Immersion, I am thinking that this may interest some families from the Villages. Please have a look at the SD43 website for more information.

4. Budget SD43
If you are interested in attending our SD43 budget meetings this year please visit SD43 site as well. There are 2 budget presentation dates at the Winslow gym that you may want to attend.
Hope to see you all at the Anmore Elementary Trivia Night on February 23.

Thank you. Please reach out and contact me anytime,
Trustee, Kerri Palmer Isaak

Principal Nicole Daneault goes from Anmore Elementary to Glen Elementary. Jason Hewlett becomes Principal at Anmore Elementary. Jody Moss leaves as VP at Heritage Woods Secondary. Bill Reid becomes VP at Heritage Woods Secondary. Click Here

Tri-City News Editorial: Let's not be beholden to China -Trustees shouldn't accept gifts of free trips Click Here

SD-43 Trustees' free trips a possible conflict: UBC prof (08-12-17)
Cleaner and simpler to pay your own way, ethics professor says. To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

Petition aims to convince School District 43 to put a stop to boundary changes for Eagle Mountain Middle School (05-12-17)
A petition has gathered more than 600 signatures since families in the Heritage Woods community heard about catchment changes to reduce the pressure on Eagle Mountain middle school. To link to the article in the Tri-city News Click Here

SD-43 Chair Kerri Palmer-Isaak Defends the Highest Pay for trustees in BC

According to the tri-city News, Ms Palmer-Isaak, the Anmore/Belcarra trustee, said, “We see ourselves as being equal at the table to our municipal counterparts. We’re on the same ballot.”

Current SD43 policy adjusts trustees’ pay each January to the average of the stipends paid councillors in Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam — but not in much lower paid Anmore and Belcarra. Councillors in Anmore are paid $12,000 a year.

According to the Tri-city News, SD-43 trustees currently make $42,535  (10% more for chair and 5% more for vice-chair). They make $9,000 more than Surrey trustees and $15,000 more than Vancouver trustees who are responsible for many more students and much larger school districts. To link to the full article in the Tri-city News Click Here

SD-43 Chair Kerri Palmer-Isaak Explains the Importance of Her China Trip (29-11-17)

The Tricity News reports on "Free trip to China a boon for school district, says board chair

Visit paid for by Hanban ensures the success of SD43 International Education program" To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

Consultations on SD-43 Boundary Changes (10-11-17)

"Anmore/Belcarra Trustee Kerri Palmer Isaak was acclaimed Tuesday as chair of the SD43 board of education for the next year while Port Coquitlam Trustee Michael Thomas was elected vice-chair. The positions will run until the next civic election, which takes place Oct, 20, 2018". To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

Fall Newsletter from SD-43 Trustee Kerri Palmer-Isaak (02-10-17) Click Here

New principals in Coquitlam district schools
New administrators hired to fill key posts in elementary, middle and secondary schools, some coming from Burnaby, Vancouver districts... Click Here
  • Morgan Breden moves from her job as teacher in Vancouver School District to v-p at Eagle Mountain middle.
  • Manjit Rai moves from teacher, Burnaby school district to v-p Heritage Woods secondary.
  • Andrea McComb has been seconded to principal of learning services from her post as principal at Blakeburn elementary.

Hi everyone!
    You are invited to come out to our annual Farmer's Market and Young Entrepreneur's Fair this Tuesday June 27 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in the school gym! Our grade 4's and 5's have been busy making all kinds of interesting items to sell. Part of every sale will go to the Sasamat Volunteer Fire Department.

    Make sure you bring your appetites as well! A variety of delicious foods and beverages will be available. We will also be selling pizza for $2 a slice (100% of profits to SVFD).
We hope to see you there!
Mrs. Whiffin and Mr. Nordheimer

New faces in Coquitlam district principals' offices School District 43 announces new principal posts. Morgan Breden moves from her job as teacher in Vancouver School District to vice-principal at Eagle Mountain middle. To link to the full article in the Tri City News, May 23, 2017 Click Here

No teacher layoffs this year in School District 43. Officials expect schools to need teachers to meet collective agreement requirements(13-04-17)To link to the Tri-city News Click Here

SD43 policy prevents transgender discrimination School District 43 updated student code of conduct to reflect changes to human rights legislation. 28-02-17 To link to the Tri-city News Click Here.

SD43 gets funding boost for school supplies (22-02-17)

School District 43 will receive approximately $1.56 million for student supplies, providing a welcome boost to the coffers, according to board chair Kerri Palmer Isaak. To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here

"Grad rates down but still above B.C. average Assistant superintendent says small fluctuation 'not a concern' (30-01-17)

School District 43 continues to tout its six-year graduation rates as an important indicator of student success even though there was a small drop in the rate last year. The 2015/’16 rates show 89.3% of students graduated within six years of entering Grade 8, down from 92.7% the year previously. But assistant superintendent Reno Ciolfi pointed out SD43's rate is still higher than the provincial average at 83.6%." To link to the article in the Tricity News Click Here
December Message from Anmore School Trustee Kerri Palmer Isaak Click Here (28-11-16)

Finalists named in space experiment contest SD43 students submitted experiments that could be performed on the International Space Station.  (17-11-16)
Olivia Zuzolo, Sofia Jimenez, Ava Alcos, Rebecca Pin from Eagle Mountain middle were successful with "Does penicillin kill E. coli faster once it has been handled in microgravity?" To link to the article in the Tri-city News Click Here

October 25, 2016
Cougar Sighting Near Anmore Schools

Message from Anmore Elementary School principal Nicole Daneault:
Dear Families,
Please note that a cougar has been spotted today in the area of Eagle Mountain Middle School/Heritage Woods Secondary School.
It was also spotted on Saturday near Anmore Elementary School. Please exercise caution when transporting students to and from school.

The conservation officer has been alerted and we will keep you alert to any information updates as we get them.

Nicole Daneault
Principal, Anmore Elementary School
30 Elementary Road, Anmore, BC
Office: 604.469.9926

Mid-term Update from School Trustee Kerri Palmer-Isaak (19-10-16) Click Here
SD43 Student Science Experiment going to Space!
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) will be sending a student-designed science experiment to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program.
Students of all ages in SD43 have an opportunity to participate in the Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP) run by the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE).
SSEP reflects the pedagogical approach to science education in SD43 - immersion in real science - requiring student  ownership in exploration, focused inquiring embracing problem solving and critical thinking, and student team definition and defence of a proposed research program.
More than 1600 students in Grades 5 though 12 will collaborate in groups of 3-5 to design experiments and related written proposals that may be sent to the ISS.  The winning proposal will be selected on December 15, 2016.  The experiment would be part of the SSEP Mission 11 payload to the ISS, and is currently planned to launch on a SpaceXFalcon-9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, adjoining the Kennedy Space Center Spring/Summer 2017!
In addition to submitting project proposals, SD43 students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 will have the opportunity to submit a design for a 'Mission Patch' that may, if selected, also fly aboard the ISS.
For more details or information or or http;//
September 23rd 2016 is a District Professional Day - No School!
Kinder Kampus' Daycare Centre is now open at Eagle Mountain Middle School!
Please Counsel Your Children to be Careful around the Construction Site at Eagle Mountain Middle School. (13-09-16)
Message to Anmore Elementary School Families

August 2016
Hello All,
It is with excitement and anticipation that I welcome you all back to school!  I hope that you have had a wonderful summer break and are feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready for another fantastic year at Anmore Elementary.
Our caretaking team was hard at work the last couple of months getting the building ready for our return:  Thank you Mrs. Kim and Mr. MacIntyre!  Our site has been a flurry of activity this summer, with several SD43 maintenance projects having taken place.  The office has received a facelift, the main hallway has some new flooring, our four old boilers have been replaced with brand new ones and the drop-off zone and front parking lot have been repaved.  The Village of Anmore has also repaved the west portion of Elementary Road and the project includes the installation of storm drainage and a raised sidewalk to the school.  We are extremely grateful to be the beneficiaries of these improvements to our schoolÂ?s health, safety, comfort and aesthetic.
There have been some changes to our staff this year.  After thirteen years, our secretary Mrs. Connie Chan retired at the end of June and we were sad to say good-bye.  However, we are pleased to welcome Mrs. Tahnia Weissig as our new secretary.  Ms. Christine Meroniuk joins us full-time this fall as a primary teacher, Ms. Lacey Dorman part-time as a Student Services teacher, Ms. Alessia Calla part-time as our counselor and Ms. Essy Roboby part-time as our Education Assistant.  We sadly bid farewell to Mrs. Lowry, Ms. Wachowski and Mrs. Christianson and wish them all the best at their new schools.
On the first day of school, Tuesday, September 06th, students in Grades 1 – 5 will be in attendance for one hour from 9:00 – 10:00 am.  They are asked to return to their last year’s class where teachers will meet them.  During this time we will confirm attendance and enrolment numbers and will give students an idea of how the rest of our week together will look.  Students will bring home an important inῦormation notice with them at that time:  Please ῷatch for it.
Our new Kindergarten students will not be in attendance on Tuesday, September 06 th.  They will each meet for Welcoming Conversations with our Kindergarten teacher over the course of the first week and attend gradually, in small groups during the first two weeks.  They will begin attending regularly according to the schedule confirmed with each Kindergarten family Â? these schedules will be emailed to Kindergarten parents on Tuesday, August 23rd.
We will be unable to organize into our permanent class configurations until at least the end of our first week.  As a result, we will meet together in both large and small groups for the first few days of school to engage in school-wide learning activities. In these groups we will work on the critical social-emotional community-building curriculum that helps us to set the foundation for a successful and rewarding year of working, learning and playing together.  Students in Grades 1 Â? 5 will be in attendance for full days (9:00 am Â? 3:00 pm) beginning on Wednesday, September 07th.   Please don'Â?t forget to pack snacks and lunches!  Also, we will go outside everyday so remind children to dress for the weather.
You may have noticed that we did not send home Creative Children school supply order forms this Spring.  For this year, we have decided to try a new option for purchasing school supplies.  We have been finding the Creative Children option to be expensive and a bit wasteful, with supplies seeming to be “over purchased”.  The school is able to purchase these supplies on behalf of families at a considerably cheaper rate by using our corporate options and will offer families the option of purchasing supplies through us, at cost.  This will also give us the flexibility to purchase items as we run low, rather than Â?stocking up in the fall only to ῦind we have many items left over unused at the end of the year.  We anticipate being able to reduce our environmental footprint and the cost to families by up to 30% from the previous system and look forward to reusing non-consumable items year-to-year (such as scissors, rulers, calculators, dictionaries, etc.).  Of course, for those families who would prefer to purchase supplies on their own, supply lists will be available on request.
 Information on how to purchase supplies through the school ($40.00/student) will be provided on the first day of school.  School supply lists for those who wish to purchase supplies independently will be posted on the school website on Tuesday, August 23rd.
Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me.
Warmest regards,
Nicole Daneault
Principal Anmore Elementary School
More Water Problems in Anmore (12-07-16)
"SD43 releases results of water sampling tests Schools all tested safe for lead but one needed repairs before water quality posted in the safe range.
Water sample reports for 53 School District 43 schools tested for lead under Health Canada regulations show only one school near the upper limit and another that initially failed but passed after a plumbing fixture was replaced. Anmore elementary, built in 1963, was found to have 9.03 parts per billion (ppb) of lead in one test of drinking water by Maxxam Labs, which is still under the recommended 10 parts per billion allowable for safe drinking water. And two further tests showed much lower levels of lead (3.46 ppb and 0.62 ppb), also under Canadian standards" To link to the full article in the Tri-city News Click Here
Kinder Kampus is excited to announce a new childcare facility at Eagle Mountain Middle School, opening September 2016. Click Here. Childcare services will include: infant/toddler, daycare (ages 30 mos. to 5 years), and before/after school care (serving Anmore and Aspenwood elementary schools). For registration and more info, please email Dyana at
School Trustee Year End Update (19-06-16)
"Hello Anmore and Belcarra Villagers,
I just wanted to touch base about some great events and outcomes as we end our school year and head into a much anticipated summer holiday." To read the letter from Kerri Palmer Isaak Click Here
Are you a Master of Disaster?
Congratulations to 12 students at Anmore Elementary School who each won a prize for entering a draw sponsored by the Anmore Emergency Preparedness Committee.(26-05-16)
Grade 6 Eagle Mountain Middle School student - Nickolas Jovanovic from Anmore talks about how SD-43 Budget Cuts are affecting the students. (07-05-16) To read the full letter to the Editors in the Tri-city News Click Here
To say we love our Sasamat Volunteer fire fighters is a huge understatement. They made sure that the children in the Anmore Elementary School Great Walk from 1:00 to 3:00 on Friday April 29th were safe and that local traffic flowed smoothly. All reports are that the Anmore Elementary School´s Great Walk was a resounding success. Mr. Bear even kept his distance. Thanks to the efforts of many parents and the local community, organizer Leigh Scatchard indicates that they raised $9300 for technology upgrades to the school. Thank you to everyone involved.
SD43 budget rankles CTA But president says local officials not to blame (27-04-16) Click Here
Fraser institute Report Card for Anmore Elementary (04-04-26) Click Here
School District 43 Trustee for the Villages of Anmore and Belcarra, Kerri Palmer Isaak, invites you to consultations on the budget. The schedule is attached. She also plans to provide a link to the budget when all of the information is up on the SD-43 site.
Thank you Heritage Mountain Secondary students for your enthusiastic work in removing various invasive plant species along Shoreline Trail! (29-02-16)
Approximately 20 Gr. 11 science co-op students from the Heritage Mountain Secondary School participated in a volunteer invasive species removal effort along Shoreline Trail in the locality of Old Orchard Park. The volunteer effort was led by the Lower Mainland Green Team (LMGT) in partnership with the City. The students learned about potential impacts of invasive plants and techniques for proper removal, and removed various species including Common Periwinkle, English Ivy, Himalayan Blackberry and English Holly.(Source Port Moody)
Anmore Youth Group Open House - February 25, 2016
Anmore Youth Group Open House is being held on Thursday, February 25, 2016 @ 3:15 p.m. at Eagle Mountain Middle School. For further information, pleaseview the flyer
High School will be featured here (16-02-16)
Talent shines in dark Addams musical. Musical theatre students at Heritage Woods secondary in Port Moody take on The Addams Family this and next month. Click Here
It's RAC Week, be prepared to be kind
School District 43 celebrates 10 years of Real Acts of Caring (16-02-16)
This is a 10 year labour of love for the students and their counsellor, Anmore's Harriette Chang, who have been part of a promotional effort to spread the word. To read the full story in the Tricity News Click Here
February 15 - 20, 2016
It feels good! To see RAC contest details follow the link. You can win $ for your RAC school program! Deadline is 4pm February 26, 2016 Click Here
Coquitlam Science Expo 2016  
Body The City of Coquitlam is offering a great opportunity to students in grades 3-12.  In celebration of the City's 125 birthday, the Coquitlam Library is offering a science expo that is open to students. Application date is Friday April 1, with the expo date being held on Thursday May 12th. There are individual and school prizes. The science fair is open to students who go to school a School located in the City of Coquitlam or who live in Coquitlam and attend a school in Port Moody, Port Coquitlam or Anmore. (09-02-16) Click Here
More girls graduate than boys, stats show School District 43 is at the top when it comes to graduating its students, but boys still lag behind girls in 6-year completion rates (19-01-16) To link to the full article in the Tri-city News Click Here
Eagle Mountain Middle School provided the Red Cross 'First Aid Hero' program to middle schoolers on November 20th, 2015. Click Here
SD43 making plans to Welcome Syrian refugees (19-11-15)
As many as 200 pre-school and school aged Syrian refugee children may be arriving in School District 43 over the coming weeks based on current projections of B.C.'s share of 25,000 arrivals. To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here
November 19, 2015
Dear Parents and friends,
I just wanted to touch base about my first year as school trustee for the Villages. I jumped right into 70 schools, 35,000 students and 3500 employees and a budget of approx. $284 million dollars. I would be remiss if I did not mention the help and patience
of our district staff as I navigated this new role and asked more than my share of questions! Some of the high lights are listed below.
The districts financial position was at the forefront of our election and I thought I would touch on that first.
At the end of October School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) announced a stable budget overall for the 2014-15 fiscal year, with a slight positive balance of approximately 1.3% of the total overall budget of $284 million. Budget variances within 2% are considered to be normal under the expectation of the Ministry of Education.
Part of this year’s financial success stems from our work in international education. International Ed. experienced student enrollment increases contributing $3.5 million, these funds will be invested back into the SD43 .
           This October it was my privilege to present to the Provincial Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. The focus of the presentation was:
1) Fairness and Equity in Funding across the 60 school districts. SD43 is number 3 in size and in the bottom 2%  in the province for funding on a per student basis.
2) Funding Protection, SD43 transfers 3.7 million annually to provide funding protection to districts that have experienced declining enrollment and financial challenges. If we
were allowed to keep those funds in our own district we could reinvest them into our education services.
3) Community Link, this is specialized funding that goes to support our most vulnerable youth but the programs inflexibility makes it ineffective. Districts need greater flexibility for the use of these funds so that we are able to react and support our ever
changing student population.
The board and district staff worked with our partner groups: CUPE, CPVP, DPAC, CTA  to put together this presentation. I am pleased to report that all of our partner groups agreed on the focus and we have since been asked for a more in depth report on our LINK funding challenges to provide further information for the committee.
One of my priorities during the election was to have greater collaboration with the municipalities and board. In December I will be having a community liaison meeting and looking at our joint use agreement and in January the board will meet with all 5
municipalities  to discuss priorities and challenges.
This has been such a rewarding year and I want to thank residents for the opportunity. Happy Holidays from my family to yours.
Kerri Palmer Isaak
School District 43 eyes two more Pro-D days Province has mandated the dates for teachers to get up to speed on revised curriculum. To link to article Click Here
Eagle Mountain wins Innovation Partnership grant Funds help school work on projects and research for B.C.'s new K-9 curriculum (27-10-15) Click Here
Anmore school pioneering new curriculum Eagle Mountain in School District 43 wins grant for innovation. (25-10-15) Click Here
New curriculum topic at SD43 parent meeting The District Parent Advisory Council has invited superintendent Patricia Gartland to talk about the new K-9 curriculum being introduced at schools this year. (25-10-15) Click Here
SD43 Awards Contract to Rebuild Moody Middle School (05-10-15)
School District 43 (Coquitlam) is pleased to announce that they have awarded the contract to begin construction on a new building for Moody Middle School, in Port Moody. Building designer is Omicron Architects and the Olivit Construction are the builders.
SD-43 Records $3.5 M Surplus (15-09-15)
SD43 records $3.5 M surplus, audited statements show Coquitlam district trustees expected to approve audited statements at meeting tonight, most of the surplus already allocated. To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here
SD-43 School Trustee Kerri Palmer-Isaak touching base at the start of the new 2015 /16 school year
Just touching base at the start of our new 2015 /16 school year, but just wanted to mention that I attended some really heart warming graduation ceremonies for our local youth this June as well: Heritage Woods, Riverside, and Suwa'lkh (aboriginal ed). I find the Heritage one so incredible seeing the amazing young people that I have watched grow up in the Villages walk across the stage.
Riverside was my assigned high school this year. As trustees we are assigned a new group of elementary / middle and high schools each year so that we have a more well rounded appreciation of the needs, strengths and challenges throughout the district.
Curriculum changes have been in the news recently. This is a small excerpt from the curriculum redesign page:
“All areas of learning are based on a “Know-Do-Understand” model to support a concept-based competency-driven approach to learning. Three elements, the Content (Know), Curricular Competencies (Do), and Big Ideas (Understand) all work together to support deeper learning.” If you are interested and would like more detail I would recommend having a look at the new curriculum and the rational behind the changes
Don’t forget back to school means schools zones are back in effect. This includes our new 30 zone at Eagle Mountain as well. The following was on the sd43 site. “As families and teachers are getting ready for back-to-school, your local Mounties are
getting ready too. Roads are busier as summer holidays end school zone speed limits are back in effect.
After two months of drivers zooming through school zones at 50 km/h, the local Mounties are here to remind them that starting September 8th, the 30 km/h school zone speed limit is once again in effect between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.* on school days. Drivers
who fail to obey the speed limit could receive a minimum fine of $196 and three driving penalty points.”
Speaking of safety, I did a reminder tweet out during the power outage. For outages at school, emergencies and closures parents are all being directed to the sd43 site. The site will be updated frequently with the time of the update posted. This allows the district to quickly communicate as soon as they have
information. and you wont be int he dark about sending your student to school, sorry couldnt resist the pun.
Have a start to your new school year,
Trustee Kerri Palmer Isaak
Email me anytime
Three Eagle Mountain middle students in same summer show Port Moody’s Nathan Piasecki, Nolan Fahey and Julia MacLean of Eagle Mountain middle are cast in Oliver!, with Piasecki starring in the coveted role of the Artful Dodger. (13-07-15) To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here
Retired SD43 teacher rescued near Buntzen Lake. Two men spent a chilly night on a cliff edge after taking the wrong turn, Coquitlam SAR came to their rescue. (09-07-15) Click Here
Public Education - What's Happening? (05-07-15) To read the article about Public Education by Mallee Stanley Click Here
Forget Anything You Might Have Heard About SD-43 Surplus!
Province claws back SD43 surplus Administrative savings directive to eat up $1.5 million of hold back money this year with more savings needed for 2016/17. To link to the Tri-city News (24-06-15) Click Here
People Savers at Anmore Elementary School
On Monday, June 22, 2015, a team of Sasamat Volunteer firefighters spent the day instructing students from Grades 4 and 5 at Anmore Elementary School in the People Savers basics of First Aid. Several times in the recent past graduates of similar classes have had important roles in helping to save someone in need. Once again, thank you so much to the dedicated men and women of the SVFD, and also to the young folks of the community who have taken the People Savers course.
Status of Eagle Mountain Middle School Daycare Centre (18-06-15)
Ms Nancy Bennett, the principal of Eagle Mountain Middle School, in a telephone conversation on Thursday, July 17, 2015 informed the Anmore Alternative News that the Anmore 'daycare' Learning Centre is not yet open. SD-43 does not have a final licensed contractor to run it. At the moment the YWCA is trying to acquire this approval. Ms Bennett is hopeful that the Eagle Mountain Middle School Daycare Centre will open in the Fall.
The Village of Anmore donated a $500,000 grant received from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (March of 2008) to the 'Daycare' project. Click Here. This was a grant to be matched by the Village from a developer donation. It is uncertain if SD-43 was required to match the grant, however Anmore Council intends to use this original contribution from the developer as the matched portion for a new grant to restore the Village Hall. 
For Our Graduating Students - Believe in Your Dreams! (16-06-15) Click Here
Young Anmore Entrepreneurs Put Their Creativity into High Gear!
Young Entrepreneurs Willow Montico and Brooklyn Duke were customers too
The Young Entrepreneurs Fair was held at Anmore Elementary School on Thursday, June 11th. The children from grades five and six demonstrated their culinary and artistic talents while at the same time learning about the necessary elements of product development, production, marketing, distribution, profit margins, and philanthropy. Buyers witnessed exceptional talent and some even managed to get a bargain or two. Well done all!
Anmore Elementary Affected by Cuts
Anmore Elementary
Anmore Elementary
Desperate Cost Cutting Measures in SD-43 Affect Anmore Elementary. (11-06-15) To read the article by Mallee Stanley Courtesy of the Belcarra Barnacle Click Here
Thumbs Up Shawn Shawn Farquar and Sabastian Montico
Presented by Eagle Mountain Middle School Parent Advisory Committee, Shawn Shawn Farquar, two time world champion magician, wowed the large audience at Eagle Mountain Middle School on Friday, June 5, 2015. Mr. Farquar, from Maple Ridge, had previously been featured on the ELLEN Show. Parents, staff, and students and their younger siblings, thoroughly enjoyed the show. Afterwards Shawn hung out with fans, had lots of photos taken, and signed autographs!
Budget surplus might help special needs students. District considering summer clinics for psycho-educational assessments as it mulls what to do with projected $2.5 million surplus. (04-06-15) To link to the Tri-city News article Click Here
An Evening of Magic and Music at Eagle Mountain Middle is happening on June 5th with tickets on sale for $15 at lunch hour. World Champion of Magic, Shawn Farquhar will be performing. Check him out on the Ellen Show a few years back. Proceeds are going to Free the Children and Eagle Mountain School. Everyone Welcome! Eagle Mountain Middle PAC. Shawn Farquhar on Ellen - January 14, 2010.
Principal changes announced for SD43 schools Coquitlam district plans changes in administration at several schools this fall. (27-05-15)
Nicole Daneault moves to principal at Anmore where she is now acting principal; Sean Della Vedova is now the principal of Aspenwood, moving from principal at Nestor. Todd Clerkson is moving to principal of Heritage Woods from vice-principal at Port Moody secondary and Ken Cober is moving to principal at Gleneagle, moving from principal at Heritage Woods
Andrew Lloyd moves to vice-principal of Heritage Woods from vice-principal at Gleneagle; Mark Rao moves to vice-principal at Heritage Woods from vice-principal at Dr. Charles Best. To link to the full picture on the administrator shuffle Click Here
SD-43 Summer Learning (26-05-15) Click Here
Articulation for Anmore Students Entering Eagle Mountain Middle School (19-05-15)
On May 27, 2015 at 9:30 Anmore students will be taking the Student Thunderbird Walking Tour at Eagle Mountain Middle School. To link to the full information in the Thunderbird News Click Here
21 best high schools in B.C. rankings released - Includes Heritage Woods High School (14-05-15) Click Here
SD43 Organic Waste Recycling Awareness Poster Contest Winners have been Announced (12-05-15)
Elementary School
Elementary School
Middle School
Middle School
High School
High School

In honour of Earth Day 2015, Coquitlam School District is pleased to announce the winners the SD 43 Organic Waste Recycling Awareness Poster contest. The elementary, middle and secondary level winning posters were chosen from hundreds of inspiring entries and assessed on design, creativity, and clarity of message. Each level entry will receive a $100 cash prize with respective schools being awarded $250 for use towards a Green initiative of their choosing. These posters will be utilized throughout the District to continue to emphasize organic waste recycling. Congratulations to the following winners: Elementary – Tori Shaferman and Janah Limbo (Riverview Park Elementary) Middle – Elaine Beeson and Joann Dang (Montgomery Middle School) Secondary – Syndy Shi (Port Moody Secondary) Please find pictures of the winning entries attached.
May 11, 2015
Dear Parents/Guardians,
This morning a parent contacted our office to let us know that a community member biking in Bert Flynn Park encountered a cougar. An hour later, a second sighting was reported, this time under the power lines. (Photo of a cougar courtesy CBC)
The appropriate agencies, police and wildlife conservation were notified of both sightings. The chance of students encountering a cougar while walking to/from school remains slim but we do encourage students to travel in groups.
Also, a reminder that the Pro D Day originally scheduled for this Friday, May 15th on the school magnet was rescheduled earlier this year to January 26th. This Friday will be a regular school day at Eagle Mountain Middle School.
Kind regards,
Nancy Bennett
Eagle Mountain Middle School District 43 (Coquitlam)
Fraser Institute releases annual ranking of BC elementary schools (04-05-15). To link to the full report Click Here
Anmore Elementary had the following rankings out of 10:
2010          2011          2012          2013          2014
 6.6            5.0             5.5              7.2             6.4
When You're Hot You're Hot - And when You're Not, You're Not
Problems with the Heating in SD-43 Schools.  To read full article on the problem courtesy of the Belcarra Barnacle (27-04-15) Click Here.
School District 43 passes balanced budget (22-04-15) Click Here
Class sizes rising in Coquitlam school district
Class sizes rising in Coquitlam school district

Five-year trend shows classes are larger for K-12 as School District 43 grapples with funding challenges. To link to the Tri-city News article (21-04-15) Click Here
Eagle Mountain Middle PAC. Your child's report cards were recently issued. In case you missed the message in small print on the front page of the report regarding letter grades - Here is it...
 "No letter grades are assigned, however letter grades are available upon request. Please email your request to by April 27th, 2015 and a letter grade form will be completed and sent home within two weeks." There is a deadline to request these. Do it now if you want them!

Here was my interaction with Minister Fassbender yesterday when I asked about SD 43 funding being at the bottom of the 60 districts.
MLA Selina Robinson: School district 43, Coquitlam school district, is the third-largest school district in British Columbia. When we look at the total grants, when we exclude the special needs students, the provincial average is just over $7,600, but Coquitlam gets just a little over $7,000 per student.
Coquitlam, right now, ranks dead last for the student grants of all 60 school districts. If the total grants had kept up with inflation since 2009- 2010, Coquitlam would have received just shy of $7,500 per student. The $447 difference between what they would have gotten had they kept up with inflation and what they're currently getting…. Interestingly enough, when you multiply it by the 31,000 students, it equals $13.8 million, which was exactly the shortfall last year.
When the school district had to deal with that last year, they cut 100 jobs; 65 of them were full-time-equivalent teachers. The minister had said earlier that children are resilient because of good teachers. I agree that children are resilient, but you actually need to have teachers in the classroom to make that happen.
I want to know if the minister will take a fresh look and perhaps consider readjusting the student grant for school district 43 given that it is facing numerous growth challenges, as the minister alluded to earlier. Right now what's happening is the school district has been carving into the very lifeblood of public education in the Tri-Cities, and it's continuing to be challenged at the front lines.
Hon. P. Fassbender: I appreciate the question from the member. The first answer is the last question that was asked. The ministry, through a technical review committee, will continue to look at the funding formula and the allocation to ensure that it's meeting the current needs of school districts throughout the province.
I'm sure the member is aware that, indeed, the per-pupil funding for Coquitlam is $8,100 in 2015-16. This is $743 below the provincial average. But it's due to not the fairness in terms of the students that are there but to the supplemental categories of enrolment decline, funding protection, geographic factors and aboriginal education along with significantly less than average enrolment in special needs. All of those factors go into calculating. Coquitlam is not a lot different, when those factors are taken in, from surrounding communities. I think Coquitlam is treated the same as other districts around them.
We will continue to look at the funding formula in terms of any improvements that we think will benefit communities throughout the province.
MLA Selina Robinson (14-05-15)
School District 43 staff speak out against 'status quo' budget...

"SD43 numbers show 96 positions were lost this year through operating budget cuts, although 42 employees, including teachers and support staff, were hired with provincial Learning Improvement Funds to work with vulnerable learners, but ...overall 165 FTE teaching positions have been lost since 2013/'14.
Trustees, most of whom were not on the board when last year's cuts were made, heard complaints about a lack of services for children with speech and language problems, cuts to library services, too few school secretaries, stressed out counsellors and youth workers dealing with too many mental health crises, especially among younger students, administrators who have no time to manage, fewer career resources for graduating high school students and a reduction in school maintenance and cleaning." To link to the full Tri-city News article Click Here.
Students, parents, community members celebrated Eagle Mountain Middle School Grand Opening Ceremony & Open House with dignitaries, School District No.43 staff and VIP guests on April 9, 2015. The community event started at 7 p.m. and went until 9 p.m. 

Eagle Mountain Middle School PAC wants you to know "Several rallies to protest cuts to BC education to be held this weekend
Organizers hope it will become province-wide day of action" (09-04-15)
School district gives early look at budget - Good News-Bad News (08-04-15) Click Here
School district gives early look at budget - Good News-Bad News
School district gives early look at budget - Good News-Bad News

School district gives early look at budget - Good News-Bad News
School district gives early look at budget - Good News-Bad News
Thursday, April 9th, from 7:00 – 9:00 PM for the Grand Opening Ceremony and Open House for Eagle Mountain Middle School.
Coquitlam Alternate Basic Education (CABE) is the School District 43 alternative high school. (25-03-15) For more information Click Here
Eagle Mountain Middle PAC (23-03-15)
According to this article, Middle School kids need 8.5 - 9.5 hours of sleep a night, and it's difficult for them to fall asleep before 11pm! Good luck getting back into the swing of things! School resumes today. Click Here
Eagle Mountain Tour with Anmore's Mayor & Council
Eagle Mountain Tour with Anmore's Mayor & Council, SD43 Trustees and Staff. Six Eagle Mountain Students guided the Village of Anmore Mayor and Council, Board Chair Judy Shirra, Vice-Chair Kerri Palmer Issak, Superintendent Patricia Gartland, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Ivano Cecchini, Acting Prinicipal Devon Ross, and Eagle Mountain Principal Nancy Bennett around the new middle school on Feb. 5th, 2015. The event was a great success.
International Education Partners Celebration - International Education Partners with the Tricities Chamber of Commerce (11-03-15)
Anmore Mayor John McEwen, School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) Superintendent Patricia Gartland, and Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore celebrate International Education Partners with the Tricities Chamber of Commerce sponsored by the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver.
March 10, 2015
School Trustee Report:
School Trustee Kerri Palmer-Isaak
Hello Villagers, I thought I would try something new this term. I would like to communicate information about what is happening in your school district with residents so periodically I will do a little update about items that have happened in SD43 in our local
news sources. Here is the first one!
Heading into Spring Break this is honestly the first opportunity I have had to sit down and focus. The new trustees have been working hard to visit the schools we have been appointed, while we often visit our local schools we are actually assigned to schools all over the district so that we may have a more well rounded picture of the needs and challenges faced in different communities. Trustees have also attended weekly in-service training sessions on top of regular board activities so that we have a background in the administration and services provided by the district : Finance, Human Resources, Programs of Choice, Learning Services, and Facilities to name just a few.
Eagle Mountain Middle will be hosting an Grand Opening / Open House on April 9 at 7:00. I am hoping community members will come out and see what an amazing building this is. The design and open concept allow for such flexibility and we are moving
towards a date for our community use agreement meeting between the district and the Village as well. Eagle hosted an information session for families that highlights inquiry based learning. For more information I encourage you to visit the Eagle Mountain site through SD-43 and click on: Parent Information Meeting Learning in the 21st Century.
I participated in one of my favorite events at Heritage Mountain this month as well. Grad Transition Interviews are held with panels of community members and administrators. Each graduating student gives a presentation and receives feedback from the panel, great experience for job and post secondary interviews. The diversity, strength and incredible work ethic and level of social awareness in these young adults always impresses me.
I have to mention the SD43 budget. We are heading into the public consultation part of our budget process, please check the SD-43 site if you would like to come and participate. At this point in time the board is cautiously optimistic. We have had some good luck this fiscal year: increases in International Ed enrollment, lower fuel prices, NO snow removal, have helped bring our budget in line. We have also benefited from the sale of the  Park Land site, these funds are earmarked for debt repayment.
Happy Spring Break to all! Please feel free to contact me at my SD43 email at any time
Thanks , Kerri
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